The Titan’s Cannon

So, this week’s geeky purchase is Perfect Effect’s PC-14: The Titan’s Cannon. Or to put it simply, a giant laser gun for Fortress Maximus. Originally part of their “Warden” figure, the blaster is inspired by the accessory that came with the original G1 Fortress Maximus, now shipped separately and with a new adaptor piece so... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk about Discovery

So, the newest entry into the Star Trek canon is here and, at time of writing, we're now three episodes into Star Trek Discovery. The short version here, is "I like it".    So far the setup has been more than intriguing and to my mind has successfully blended the Star Trek Universe with a... Continue Reading →

Titans Return Trypticon

I really wasn't going to.   Trypticon wasn't one of those characters that had been a focus for me growing up from the comics or anything.   When he won the fan vote for the next Titan class figure, it wasn't unexpected, but I think I'd personally voted for Scorponok.   Also I now had... Continue Reading →

The Road to Colonia

The main focus of my Elite Dangerous gaming for over a month now has been the trip out to Colonia. For a bit of background, in game Jaques Station attempted a jump across the galaxy but went missing. It was discovered near to the galactic core, for the first time giving explorers in that region... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Green Lanterns Rebirth

Again, the time between blogging shows itself by looking back at where Green Lantern was versus where it is now. The announcement of the Rebirth Green Lantern titles struck me as a very odd move by DC. The main monthly book, Green Lantern, became Green Lanterns focusing on newbie Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.... Continue Reading →

Still Boldly Going

Its interesting to see that my last Star Trek Online post covered the controversy over the tier 6 ships.  Of course that's a fading memory now, with tier 6 the norm, and many of the key tier 5 ships subsequently replaced by new and improved tier 5 versions.  The panic over the intel ships did... Continue Reading →

Elite Dangerous on PS4: First Thoughts

So, this week saw the final release of Elite Dangerous for PS4.  Something that had been hotly anticipated for some time, since the XBox release was confirmed.   Last night I managed to get a (very) quick shot at it, which was also my first exposure to the new tutorials. I've been looking forward to... Continue Reading →

The path to Elite

So when I was last updating this blog, Elite Dangerous was still in beta.  Those days are long gone now as the game is now over 2 years old. Its been really interesting to see the game grow and develop over that time.  Especially in comparison to other games in the genre, which have often... Continue Reading →

Back to Blogging?

Yikes.  Its been ages since I last blogged. Its not that I don't enjoy it.   While I still wouldn't in anyway characterise myself as a good writer, I still take a fair amount of enjoyment from it.   More recently, working on fanfic to bolster the backstories of my various Star Trek Online characters.... Continue Reading →

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