Rann-Thanagar Holy War #1

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #1 - Ron Lim CoverQuite a big comics week this week for me, and strangely the first comics week in years where the Marvel stuff has vastly outnumbered the DC stuff.

So, I’ll probably do a couple of comics posts this week, but first up is the first issue of Rann-Thanagar Holy War.

I loved the Mystery in Space and Countdown to Adventure series, so picking up this title is a bit of a no-brainer. It surprised me how much it was a direct continuation of both series. Obviously I was expecting to see the fallout from the Countdown to Adventure series factor in heavily, but I was surprised to see the return of the Church of Eternal Light, having setup shop on Thanagar with the Deacon still clearly smarting from his defeat by Captain Comet’s hands.

We also see the space team getting back together. The residents of Rann are still worshipping Lady Styx, despite being cured of the plague back in Countdown to Adventure the other month. They’re refusing to listen to reason about her true motives, so Adam Strange (still sporting his classic look – a pity as I really liked the Planet Heist update) travels back to Earth to recruit Starfire and Animal Man, while trying to hire Captain Comet to broadcast their true memories of Lady Styx to the population of Rann.

Unfortunately, since his miniseries, Captain Comet has decided to play things safe. Determined not to go through dying again (in a really nice scene he tells Tyrone that de-aging 40 years and a new set of superpowers didn’t make up for the horrific experience of his death) he’s sticking to low-risk jobs. Sadly these jobs don’t pay well and his finances are dwindling, much to Tyrone’s concern.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #1Its a great opening issue. I wasn’t too excited about this series, and while there are minor gripes (Rann’s population worshipping Lady Styx is a fairly negative portrayal of worship – although this could be a plot point, Adam Strange not getting back his Planet Heist gear, and Captain Comet still trying to drop the “Captain” from his name – although again this could be a plot point, we learn here he’s trying to hide the fact he’s the original Captain from people) the story has grabbed me straight away. Ron Lim’s art is great as well (I’m glad I picked up his cover, I far prefer it to the Starlin one shown on the right).

Great first issue. So far it feels like the Mystery in Space magic is back.

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