Rann-Thanagar Holy War #3

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #3After last month’s slightly slower issue, issue 3 kicks things into high gear, with the Holy War itself being kicked off, and the space team all coming together to investigate what’s going on (leading to classic scene where the Weird suggests they all form a permanent group like the JLA, only to be ignored).

I’m still finding Captain Comet’s character in this to be a bit of a departure from how he was portrayed in Mystery in Space. There was was fairly typically heroic, whereas now he’s almost cowardly, relying on Tyrone to set him right. Its an understandable shift though. Next to the rest of the space characters, some of them are going to start looking quite generic without changes. Aside from his telepathy, there’d be a real danger of Captain Comet and Adam Strange being inter-changable. And the character shift has resulted in some amusing scenes (Comet realising that by going to Rann he’s actually jumped right into the middle of trouble, rather than avoiding it for example).

I also found a scene at the end interesting, from the point of view of my “Why has Adam’s revamp been retconned” rant. Adam Strange’s suit clearly has the ability to manifest the same hardlight weaponary that he got in his Planet Heist revamp. Since in Countdown to Adventure it was explicitly stated that Adam’s suit was his old one, we can only assume this suit is new, but with a deliberately retro look.

It still irks though that they ditched such a good revamp.

There’s a nice little aside aside with Animal Man admitting that he’s not told his wife that Kory’s there. That gave me a laugh.

On an unrelated note, this week’s DC Nation is hilarious. Especially in light of the recent “Didio must go!” online witchhunts.

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  1. Heh, it does sound amusing with Animal Man tiptoeing around the subject of Starfire to his wife, I’ll have to pick up the first few issues of Holy War, as I haven’t been keeping up with Adam since Countdown to Adventure. I also wish they’d kept the Planet Heist revamp, I thought it made his suit look far more technological than the two white straps. -_-;;

    After re-reading some of the good ol’ Kyle Green Lantern issues (When is DC going to re-print these? Power of Ion is absurdly difficult to buy and it’s bleeding crucial to the GL history. Not to mention the Homecoming storyline, in which he broke up with Jade.. =[ ) I’m beginning to hope that Jade comes back with a Black Lantern ring, and demands to know where her gift has gone. x] Poor Jen.


  2. I definitely think DC missed a trick (one among many) with Countdown. Kyle meeting Jade on Earth 2 could’ve been really interesting.

    And given that his stint as Ion’s been binned, I’d definitely be up for Jade being brought back. Given that she transferred her power to Kyle, I don’t imagine it’d take much to have her re-form from that power.

    Until anyone explicitly says otherwise I’m sticking with my personal theory that Kyle’s still got Jade’s powers, but they’re dormant inside him.

    I’d actually generalise the trades more. See reprints of some of the Kyle trades would be nice (I’m fortunate in that I managed to grab a lot of them at the time – never really cared for the Homecoming arc though – really hated the Kyle/Jade breakup. It was really badly done). However I’d expand it. I’d be all over a collection of the John Stewart Mosaic series and they could do reprints of some of the old Tales of the Green Lantern Corps stuff as well.

    Heck, bung a load of them in a Showcase book.

    If you’ve enjoyed DC’s recent space stuff then Rann-Thanagar Holy War is definitely worth a read. I’m really enjoying how its bringing both the Countdown to Adventure and Mystery in Space plots together.


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