Rann-Thanagar Holy War #4 & Robin #177

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #4Another enjoyable issue of Rann-Thanagar this month.

Lots of stuff from Captain Comet and the Weird as well, I must admit, it may just be me, but this issue felt almost like a follow up to Mystery in Space that the Space Team just happened to be in. Don’t know if that was just me or not.

However, we get a lot of our heroes taking a kicking from Deacon Dark and the newly resurrected Synnar. It doesn’t take Comet long to figure out that they don’t have a chance against the pair of them and a strategic withdrawal is required. Adam Strange however is determined to destroy the Deacon’s time manipulator first, before it can cause more havoc on Rann. Its here that the seemingly separate Bizarro storyline ties in nicely, as Adam learns of Bizarro’s prescence on Throneworld and immediately Zeta beams over there to nab him, to add a powerhouse to their team. Its a decision however that comes with a heavy price, as Starman needed Bizarro’s help with Lady Styx’s fleet, and with him gone, it provides Lady Styx’s forces enough time to decimate the Throneworld.

The destruction of Throneworld, and Adam’s part in it was a big shock. He’s forced to see that he was so blinkered about Rann’s problems that he was ignoring the rest of the picture. When his friends are taking a kicking from the Deacon’s forces he’s the one refusing Captain Comet’s call for a retreat. It’ll be interesting to see what direction they take with the character in the second half of the story.

This issue also sets up an Adam Strange special. While I’m happier picking up an Adam Strange Special than a Hawkman one (as I’m more invested in the character), I’m still not hugely pleased with this idea of launching tie-ins off of mini series. Heck, truth be told, I’m not convinced at all about DC’s tie-ins this year, but that’s probably going to be part of a post on the Legion of 3 Worlds (I cracked and bought issue 1, but I’ve not read it yet). I’m not great at budgeting, but still I would like to try and cut down the number of titles I buy.

Robin #177However, to more balance my whinging about tie-ins, its worth me talking about Robin.

I wasn’t buying this title until a short time ago, where I got pulled in by the RIP logo on the top. Fabian Nicieza is a great writer. I loved his stuff on Cable/Deadpool so was interested to see what he would do with the character of Tim Drake. After 3 issues, I’m a convert.

Like Nightwing, I believe this title has struggled to find its feet over the last couple of years, and, like Nightwing, I get the impression that its in the hands of someone who really gets it. Ditching the RIP logo this month, we find Jason Todd stirring things up bigstyle in Gotham, as he unites various different gangs under his own leadership in an attempt to clean up Gotham in his own way (by running the place basically). Robin finds himself under threat from the Penguin, who isn’t pleased that his payment for helping Robin in the last story has gone missing, with evidence linking the theft back to Robin.

Meanwhile someone knew has entered the scene, wearing the Red Robin costume Jason Todd threw in a bin at the end of Countdown (and interesting to see someone picking up on a plot point from that series, rather than ignoring it, as most writers seem to be doing).

I really enjoyed this issue. Its very much a first issue for the new story arc, with various mysteries being put in place (Who is the new Red Robin? Why is Spoiler taking out a contract on Robin?), but there’s a strong feeling that Fabian knows each of these characters. His version of Jason Todd harks back to the Under the Hood storyline, which I’ve mentioned before is the characterisation they needed to get back to, so that’s a welcome development.

So there you have it, sometimes, getting suckered in by a tie-in can put you onto a title you really enjoy. So for all my whinging about tie-ins, its goes to show how little I know 🙂

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