Wifi Joy

Ubuntu LogoIts been a thorn in my side for months now, but yesterday I thought I’d have another stab at getting my wifi working on my laptop (glutton for punishment, I know) yesterday. Imagine my surprise when, on booting, the wifi connected no problem.

Despite not working on its initial install, it now seems quite happy. I’m still not completely sure how well the default driver (b43-fwcutter) is supporting my card as, while the connection seems stable, the blue wifi light on my laptop keeps flicking on and off. Could just be an asthetic thing though, but I may try switching over the driver to ndiswrapper and seeing what happens.

Still, if this test install runs smoothly for the next week or so, I reckon I’ll completely repartition the laptop and setup Ubuntu Intrepid as its main OS. Which given how creaky the 3-and-a-half year old WinXP installation was getting will make me a lot happier. Looks like a win for the new network manager.


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