My Giant Robot Has No Legs!

Dr Who - Giant Robot So FarGrrrr. I hate these collect-a-figure things. Marvel Legends were famous for doing them. Basically, each figure in a wave would include a piece of a much larger figure, so by collecting every toy in the wave, you’d have all the bits to put together the final figure.

As a result, I’ve got random bits of Sentinels and Galactus’ legs kicking around the house.

Annoyingly, the classic Dr Who figures are doing the same thing. This time, you get a bit of the robot from Tom Baker’s debut story (cunningly entitled: “Robot”) with each figure. And the problem is that I really love that story and want that figure.

Usually I’m pretty good at resisting these things, however after finding the elusive 6th Doctor figure (probably my favourite of the 3 classic Docs in this wave. Its a great likeness), I find myself now owning most of the bits. And what I’ve got looks really cool.

I don’t even want the Robots of Death figures, but I’m trying to justify them to myself purely for the purposes of getting the giant robot legs. Gah!

4 thoughts on “My Giant Robot Has No Legs!

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  1. Hold on, 6th doctor, surely you mean THE Colin Baker, (Ketchup and mash be upon him)

    I hate build a figures, I still have one of Galactus’s legs form teh Marvel legends War Machine figure (Which came with an issue of Iron Man, yes it was the debut of teh armour but come on, give us an issue of War Machine) I’d make it so that all the build a figures were interchangable. So you could have your giant robot with Galactus legs.

    Oh, if you do complete the figure are you going to buy a 1070s Action man tank to attack it with?


  2. See, that would be quite funny. You could build some really crazy figures that way πŸ˜€

    Definitely need to find an action man tank. Perhaps I’ll dig out Armada Megatron for the sake of re-enacting the scene.


  3. That would do, of course we could have the scene turn on it head when the plasticy tank turns into a second giant robot and they have a giant robot fight.


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