My Giant Robot HAS Legs!

K1 RobotWell, that was easier than I thought. The local Woolies had clearly only just put out a new case, so I grabbed all the figures I was missing. And with the prices down to £4.50 each, and a 20% voucher they’re currently giving out, it only cost me about a tenner.

I must admit, I’m very impressed by the likenesses. While I’m not hugely fussed about the two Robots of Death, there’s no doubt they’re spot on with their TV counterparts. It is a bit rubbish how you’re buying the same figure (effectively) twice though. Especially when you look at the Magnus Greel/Mr Sin pack which contains two figures, both detailed, a robot arm, the disintigrator gun, spare head for Magnus Greel, and Mr Sin’s knife. The Silver Voc that comes with just the figure and robot foot looked pretty stingy by comparison.

The Mr Sin figure is ace though. Absolutely spot-on likeness.

And I do love the now-complete Robot. Amusingly, has leg hinges are a bit loose, which combined with him being a bit top-heavy means getting him to stand is a bit fidgety and he ends up looking a bit awkward, which I think is pretty accurate given the giant robot suit the actor had to work in during the episodes themselves 😀

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