The Kingdom

The KingdomLong before Geoff Johns started the “Thy Kingdom Come” storyline over in JSA, original Kingdom Come writer Mark Waid revisited the world of Kingdom Come with a sequel tale, The Kingdom (interestingly, Alex Ross does get credited for his part of creating Kingdom Come here, but I don’t recall seeing Mark Waid’s name in any of the JSA issues. Must double-check that).

Set some years after Kingdom Come, events revolve around William, the last survivor of the Kansas disaster who is rescued by Superman.   This shapes William’s life and he creates a church worshipping Superman, doing good deeds in his name.

Until the day when Superman himself visits William once again and tells him that he is responsible for the Kansas disaster, through his inaction in turning his back on humanity.   Superman shatters William’s world.

At the same time, the Quintessance decide (for reasons I admit I can’t quite remember) that the Kansas disaster needs to be accelerated to happen sooner.  They decide to empower William to carry out their mission.

However, the cosmic power and knowledge they give him, only drives him further over the edge.  Renaming himself Gog, he uses his powers to travel back in time, one day at a time, killing Superman in every day he arrives in.

Needless to say, this kind of temporal chaos doesn’t go un-noticed, and Rup Hunter manages to intercept Gog on the day of the birth of Clark and Diana’s child.  But not however, before Gog manages to kidnap their newly-born son.

Realising that the only way to stop Gog is to travel back in time with Rip Hunter, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman leave with him, knowing that their very prescence in the past will likely alter the timeline and prevent their future from ever being.

What follows is a two-fold tale.  Firstly dealing with the attempt to stop Gog, but also with the reactions of the descendants of the modern day heroes to the idea that this may be their last day on Earth before their timeline is erased.

I’d heard dodgy things about this sequel to Kingdom Come.   And while, its not as good as the original tale, to be honest Kingdom Come is one of those stories that there are very few comics better than it, so that’s no real criticism.    I really enjoyed seeing the Kingdom Come universe fleshed out, and especially the look at the children of the modern day heroes.  The Kid Flash in particular has always been a favourite story of mine.

This was also the story that started to break down the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths world.  It introduces the idea of Hypertime, which gave alternate universes back to the DCU for the first time, just not the specific named ones that tend to come with the full multiverse.  And it also featured a cameo from the Earth-2 Superman.

Its definitely worth checking out, for fans of Kingdom Come and its Universe.  Despite its lackluster reputation I still found it really enjoyable.

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