War Machine #1

War Machine #1

I was going to put up a post about War Machine #1, which I greatly enjoyed, but regular commentator Pie Man 70 has covered it in his post here:


And since he’s the bigger War Macine fan I think I’ll just wimp out and link to his blog post and our comments instead 😀

However, for a short review I really enjoyed it. Its edging onto a MAX title for me, as Rhodey quite brutally wipes out a militia at the beginning, and there’s some not-so-subtle hints as to how much becoming a cyborg has messed him up psychologically.

Its nice to see Dark Reign being felt as well, with Osbourn’s appearance towards the end. Although its only just started, I’m quite enjoying the idea of Osbourn being in charge, and all the heroes having to deal with it.


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  1. And on a completely unrelated note.

    (I have yet to read War Machine, bloody looking forward to picking it up though)

    Windows 7 beta. I’ve installed it. And I’m loving it, the only problem I thought I’d have with it was the large chunky taskbar with the large chunky icons (I really didn’t like it being large and chunky), and application names removed, making the taskbar more like Mac OSX.

    But once I installed it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this could be changed. By setting it to small icons, the task bar returns to its thin, slender appearence, and application names returned beside their respective icons on the taskbar. Better.

    It is indeed as fast as XP.

    It still cannot beat the Linux distributions of today, but for Windows, it’s bloody brilliant.

    Check it out. ^^


  2. I must admit, with all the news floating around regarding the public beta, I’ve been very tempted to grab it and try it out. Of course, I’d need to try and get it running on a virtual machine or something as I don’t have a spare box, but it is tempting.

    Glad to hear the positive reports though. I’m really interested to see it in action, and MS really can’t afford to have another Vista on their hands. I’m seeing interesting rumours that indicate that Windows 7 could release this year which is a final nail in the Vista coffin.

    Wonder what’ll happen regarding netbooks. Are MS going to keep XP around for longer to support them? Or come out with a netbook variant of Windows 7.


  3. CHeers for the link. Will have to tidy my blog up in case I get guests. Where did I leave that hoover.

    It was close to a MAX title, but Marvel play a lot closer to the bone now that they ditched the Comics code thingy, now you have your T+ ratings and the like.


  4. It struck me as close to a MAX title, but notable in that all the dismembered limbs etc were blood-free. I bet a bit of red ink splashed on the page of WM taking out the army at the beginning and we’d have been comfortably in MAX territory.


  5. Oh probably, although it had only mildly less gore than the B&W US War Machine series. Of course, that series had swearing, occasional guts, suggested violence and nudity. All a growing boy needs.


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