Final Crisis #6

Final Crisis #6This is it. This felt like the issue a lot of stuff had been building up to, with Batman’s last stand against Darkseid.

However, that only takes up a couple of pages in a packed book. The story focuses on the big fights as the survivors make their last stand against Darkseid, and while the Bludhaven fight goes in their favour thanks to the Marvel family, Mr Terrific is nonetheless forced to sound the retreat, and plans are put into place to relocate the population to another of the 52 Earths in the multiverse. However, there are dire warnings from Metron if humanity attempts to break through the barrier between worlds.

If I come out of this issue with one concern, its that issue 7 is going to have to cover a lot of ground for one issue.  There’s the Dark Monitor who’s been hinted at, but not yet seen, humanity has to be saved from anti-life, and the fate (and new status quo) of the New Gods has to be setup.  I hope its not going to be too rushed.  Unlike Secret Invasion which I felt was over-stretched at 8 issues, I’m wondering if Final Crisis couldn’t have been longer.  Of course, we’ll find out whenever issue 7 hits the stands.   Some of these big things (such as the Dark Monitor) may be red herrings, or simply thrown in as teasers for future series.

But the bit everyone’s going to be talking about, is Batman’s last stand.  Forget RIP, or him being MIA after the helicopter explosion, here Batman comes face-to-face with the living embodiment of evil, and shoots him dead.  Batman still having the bullet that killed Orion is a nice touch, and there’s a nice moment in Batman’s acknowledgement that he’s finally up against a threat that he’ll happily put aside his vow against guns for.  The whole scene plays out as Batman getting one over on Darkseid, right down to his final “Gotcha” right before Darkseid’s Omega Sanction hits him.   

Batman's RemainsAnd while RIP gave us the powerful image of Nightwing standing with Bruce’s tattered cowl, here we get a truely iconic image of Superman standing holding Bruce’s charred remains. Of course, its a clear homage to the image in CoIE of Superman holding Supergirl’s body, and I think its as powerful because, like that original image, there’s such a strong relationship between these characters.

In fact, the whole buildup to that moment was incredibly powerful. While he’s been separated from events for most of the series (and its more than a little annoying that delays have meant that Superman Beyond #2 is now arriving in stores after this issue rather than before), Superman’s return to the scene is an incredible two pages, from the moment where he’s sighted by Wonder Woman, to him laying waste to Darkseid’s armies as he flies to find Bruce.

And a lot of the kudos for these moments surely has to go to Doug Mahnke.   While I admit I wasn’t too sure about his art in Superman Beyond, its excellent here.  And the fact he produced something of this quality despite being a last-minute replacement is a great achievement.


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  1. What’s interesting is that Darkseid referred to the Omega Sanction, rather than the Omega death, force or beam. “The Death that is Life”. Now that’s used in Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory, and referred to as the Omega Sanction. It traps them in a series of alternate lives, each worse than the one before. More importantly, It has been escaped from before (by Shilo Norman). Now considering that Seven Soldiers was Morrison’s work, as is Final Crisis, it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing he’d do by mistake or something we should overlook. Despite the obviously dead body that Superman’s holding, I don’t think we should count Bruce out just yet. =]


  2. I’ve not read Seven Soldiers so I didn’t know that. I had presumed from what Darkseid had said though that they were building in an “out” for Bruce once they decide to bring him back.

    That does sound pretty nasty though. Be interesting to see how Bruce does eventually escape.


  3. From a Newsarama piece on Final Crisis #6 and specifically discussing the Omega Sanction:

    “- Bruce has been taken off the stage for a while, either to be rescued by a time-traveling hero, or setting things up for a big, dramatic reveal down the line.”

    Booster Gold to the rescue! 😀


  4. Now that issue I’d love to see.

    Actually, that reminds me of the one page teaser we had for upcoming issues in Booster Gold (can’t remember which issue it was) but one of them was of Booster telling Batman he couldn’t join the Justice League, and the tag said it was during ‘The Final Crisis’.

    Plus considering how Booster regards Bruce, and how their relationship has been portrayed, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a Booster rescue.


  5. It’d be cool (at least to we Booster fans) if it was something similar to what happened in Blue Beetle #25. In that Beetle had saved the day, and was about to die, when Booster timejumped in, saved him, and then jumped out again in a way that allowed him to save Jamie, but not look like he’d done anything (since everyone’s supposed to think he sucks as a hero).

    Would be cool to have Bats escape:

    “But Bruce, how’d you get out of there?”
    “I’m Batman”

    Only for him to later thank Booster quietly while no one’s looking 😀


  6. (I was remembering that Blue Beetle issue too ^^)

    I can see it now.

    Frame 1,
    Batman on right side of box, superman a bit behind him on the left.
    Kal- “But Bruce, how’d you get out of there?”
    Bruce- “I’m Batman.”

    Frame 2,
    Batman on left side of box, Booster very far behind on him on the right waving or with a thumbs up.


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