Green Lantern Corps #32

Green Lantern Corps #32After the mysterious delays surrounding the release of GLC #31 in the UK, I was pleased to find things were back to normal this month, and GLC #32 was released yesterday.

But first a rant. This Faces of Evil thing. I’m not entirely sure what its all supposed to be about, but it was really annoying trying to find my DC titles on the racks yesterday, as they all looked the same, and had the title of the book faded out (to highlight the villain name). I’m not sure how making your books easier to pick out on the racks is a good thing, and if I hadn’t scribbled down the releases I wanted before heading in, I’d have been guaranteed to miss things.

Fortunately, aside from hiding their books, it doesn’t seem to be affecting any of the running storylines, and this month brings us the conclusion of the Sins of the Star Saphires arc. And I will say that the cover featuring Krybb is a very nice piece of work. Very creepy-looking.

For those worried that Kyle was being overshadowed in GLC lately, they’ll have been very happy with this issue. Despite Krybb putting the mind-whammy on him and his fellow GLs last month, Kyle “I held back a supernova with my willpower” Rayner quickly shakes off Krybb’s influence and reminds everyone that for 10 years, he was the premier GL in the DCU as he beats on Krybb, stuns his fellow GLs and purges them of her influence in a couple of pages.

Its a great conclusion to the story, and an especially strong issue for Kyle. Aside from kicking ass in the opening pages, we also get some nice character work. You really feel his pain when the GL is killed by Krybb, despite his best efforts to ensure no one dies. Peter Tomasi’s using Parallax’s possession of Kyle to great affect with this character arc. We also have an acknowledgement that there’s something between Kyle and Soranik, which could be very interesting if speculation that she’s Sinestro’s daughter turns out to be true.

And of course, this will also play off the third of the Guardian’s new laws. As I mentioned back when I was talking about GLC #31, its a hideous new law, and its effects are quickly felt as Salaak is flooded with rings returning to Oa after their owners have resigned from the Corps. I’m not sure how many there were, but it looks like a lot, and it’ll be interesting to see if this is going to noticably leave the GLC short-handed.

My only real complaint about this arc would probably be that despite the “Sins of the Star Saphires” title, the Star Saphires themselves didn’t have a whole lot to do. After the initial issues with the Guardians travelling to Zamaron, they were pushed very much to the background. Peter Tomasi’s clearly having much more fun with the Sinestro Corps. The scenes with the Star Saphire were interesting though, and gave us a look into how their powers might differ from the GLs (similar to the scenes with the Blue Lanterns in GL #36). I liked how the Saphire’s ring locked onto the GL couple as their love was in danger, and took Miri to them. With Fatality now a Star Saphire in Green Lantern, and Miri here, I’m hoping we don’t see the Saphires fade into the background and continue to explore them and their affect on the DCU prior to the War of Light.  There’s definitely the feeling that they’re being expanded far beyond their traditional villain role in the GL mythos.


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