Blackest Night Figures

Blackest Night FiguresGah, I’m going to be so skint!

Its been a bit of a shock, but the previews of the Blackest Night figures hit the web the other day, and brought with them some pretty big spoilers, in that we’ve seen our first look at two of the Black Lanterns: Martian Manhunter and Earth-2 Superman. I imagine that Kal-L at least is something that DC would have preferred to keep quiet, but then I guess its hard to balance those needs with the desire to also get an action figure out alongside the story.

I’m of mixed opinion as to Earth-2 Superman being resurrected in this way after Infinite Crisis, however its probably a bit premature to get worked up about it, since all we have is an action figure preview and we still don’t really know anything about the story itself. So I’ll probably talk more about that once the Blackest Night solicits start coming out and we get a clearer picture of what’s happening.  

However, the figures themselves look excellent. I’m definitely wanting most of those and its really nice to see Kryb being featured, since she’s only appeared in the GLC title and not the main Green Lantern book.

After the massive dissappointment of the last wave, which I skipped in its entirety (although I must try and track down a Sinestro Corps Sinestro at somepoint) its nice to see this varied lineup taking full advantage of the large cast of characters. 

It’ll be nice to have a new John figure to go along with the Hal and Guy figures.  No Kyle yet, although many are already speculating that since there’s no Orange Lanterns in this line up, there may be another set of figures we’ve still to see and those could include Kyle in his new outfit.  Of course, given the recent GL solicit, maybe we’ll also have a Blue Lantern Hal to look forward to?


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  1. I stand by thinking that any ring change for Hal will be temporary.
    Shocked at DC allowing this to come out, you’d think they’d be more careful after this happened with Superboy Prime during Infinite Crisis, when they revealed him in Anti-Monitory armor.

    Mixed feelings over Earth-2 Superman as a Black Lantern.
    Slightly like how they incorporated his symbol into the Black Hand symbol, though I’m wondering why. Why would the power behind the Black Lanterns want him to keep anything of his former look when they’ve obviously given him a completely different set of clothes. Why sew an ‘S’ onto it? Unless it’s some fragment of his mind coming through the ring and manifesting it. Or unless the power behind this Corps isn’t as mindless as it’s members…


  2. Though I was more thinking of Power Girl’s reaction to this, since she’s the only one who really remembers Earth-2 Superman, what will happen when Superboy-Prime inevitably enters the fray? I think he has to, otherwise the impact of this undead Superman won’t be as hard.


  3. An E-2 Superman/Superboy Prime rematch is definitely needed, although I guess that’ll depend on the outcome of Legion of 3 Worlds.

    I’m guessing there’s definitely going to be someone masterminding the Black Lanterns, presumably in a Guardian-esque role.

    I’d completely forgotten about the Superboy/Anti-Monitor armour thing. Its true this does seem to be a repeat of that, although I guess this is even worse, since at least Infinite Crisis had started when that leaked.

    Completely agree about any ring change being temporary. I’m hoping that by the time we actually get to the War of Light/Blackest Night all the main GLs will be back as Green Lanterns. It’d be nice to have an event with all 4, and no evil possessions or the like.


  4. Considering the build up for the ‘Dark Monitor’ in Final Crisis, mentioned by name in Superman Beyond, I can’t help but wonder if they don’t use him in FC issue 7, then perhaps he will mastermind the BL Corps in Blackest Night? We have had a Monitor as a Corps Guardian before after all.


  5. Rats! Unfortunatly I’ve been at a course all day so haven’t gotten to do my usual comics run (despite a brave attempt to see if the local Forbidden Planet stays open late – it doesn’t).

    Really looking forward to buying it tomorrow though now 🙂


  6. Regarding Mandrakk, I’ve been similarly wondering how much of a prescence he’s going have in Final Crisis.

    I don’t think he’s been mentioned at all in the main series yet, and Barry specifically talked about knowing how to defeat Darkseid, so I’m not convinced Bruce finished the job in FC #6, and I can’t see them fitting two huge cosmic menaces into one issue properly.


  7. I’m trying to be vagueish about Superman Beyond #2 and GL #37 so that I don’t spoil it for you too much. =D

    My local Forbidden Planet doesn’t stay open very late either, usually it closes at 5:30.

    Some of the staff there were telling me the credit crunch was giving the company issues too. Agh. =/


  8. I should be picking up both tonight after work, so look for some blog posts later on 🙂

    The fact that Forbidden Planet’s having issues is surprising though, given their size. Of course, their hideously over-inflated prices on DVDs and toys don’t do them any favours. I tend to refuse to buy from them unless its something I know I won’t get anywhere else.

    The recent news regarding Diamond’s changes etc probably won’t be doing any comics retailer any favours though. As more books hit the $3.99 pricemark, I can see a lot of people slimming down their pull lists (as I’m trying, and usually failing, to do).


  9. Actually, just a thought. But we know that any new ring Hal gets in this story arc (if not Agent Orange) has to be temporary as we know that Rage of the Red Lanterns takes place between Final Crisis #1 & 2.


  10. Crap. Is Forbidden Planet your only local source?

    It is a issue worth reading, completely true to Sinestro’s current character and just generally brilliant with a great twist that we really should have seen coming considering Hal and Sinestro’s relationship.


  11. Did you get ahold of Superman Beyond?
    Though it feels like Grant is trying to stuff in as many concepts as he can into the issue, and it a bit of a chore to read it, it’s essential Mandrakk wise. Kind of.


  12. I’ve got a second comic shop I’m going to try after work. Its a bit of a hike, but hopefully they’ll have it. Interestingly my local FP has absolutely no issues of GL on the stands. Including past issues. Surely a testament to the success of the book.

    I did get Superman Beyond, but not had a chance to read it yet. Look for a post later tonight probably 🙂


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