Green Lantern #37

Green Lantern #37Or should that be Red Lantern #37?

So the action picks up where we left off, with Hal and the two blue lanterns heading to Ysmalt to rescue/recapture Sinestro from Atrocious and his Red Lanterns.

This issue serves as a really good tease for what’s coming up with the war of light I felt. Of course, Hal charges ahead, as he’s distrustful of the Blue Lanterns, and feels that Sinestro needs to be dealt with once and for all, rather than rescued. However, he walks straight into a trap and is jumped by Atrocious and his Red Lantern army, and its not long before Hal’s ring is failing with its power drained by the red flame.

Its at this point, things really kick off, as the Sinestro Corps turn up on a rescue mission of their own. They free Sinestro and give him his ring back. Walker and the other Blue Lantern turn up and give Hal a much-needed power boost, and try to grab Sinestro and scarper. Hal refuses to leave Laira behind though, and tries to save her. He’s just getting through to her when Sinestro kills her. Overcome by rage, Hal goes to execute Sinestro on the spot: and promptly finds himself recruited to the Red Lanterns.

Its a cracking issue once again.  And no surprise that Green Lantern had sold out by the time I got to the comic shop.   We really get a taster of the war of light here, with Green, Blue, Red and Sinestro Corps all kicking off on Ysmalt.

I’m sorry to see Laira get killed off her though.  I do have to wonder why Geoff went to the bother of bringing back Lost Lanterns, when all they’ve done since being resurrected is get killed off.  It does mean that their coming back seems to have purely been to ensure that Hal was absolved of their murders.  So far Arisia and Boodikka are really the only two getting anything to do.  Although I’m really not sure about the hinted romance building between Arisia and Sodam Yat.

Anyway, so as we leave the issue, Hal has been recruited to the Red Lanterns.  I’m guessing the fact that he still has his GL ring on could prove vital here, especially with the awesome powers exhibited by the Blue Lanterns.  I reckon a combination of Hal’s willpower, and the power-boosting abilities of the Blue Lanterns will allow Hal to shake off the red ring.  Nicely it’ll also force Hal to confront his own rage over Sinestro’s betrayals.

Interestingly then, what does this mean for the “new ring” tease in the April solicits.   Since Rage of the Red Lanterns is set between Final Crisis #1 and #2, we know that Hal is a Green Lantern once again by the end of this arc, and presumably refuses Ganthet’s offer (unless he says he’ll think about it at the end of this story, gets caught up in Final Crisis, and then goes back to Ganthet – but I suspect Hal is going to stick by his stance at the beginning of this issue, that he’s a GL and that’s that).

So why does Hal have a new ring?  I wonder if its a new type of GL ring issued to Hal when he’s given the job of tracking down Agent Orange.   We’ve seen the Blue Lanterns interfere with GL comms, and the Red rings depower GLs and can possess them without too much trouble.   Maybe the Guardians react to this and introduce some new type of GL ring specifically adapted to combat the threats of the various new Corps?


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  1. I’m wondering whether Hal will rid himself of the Red ring as quickly as we think.

    Mainly due to the idea that the ring’s energy replaces your blood, making you vomit out your own blood and litterally giving yourself over to Rage as removal of the red ring results in death, as said with Laira. Now presumably once on Oa, Natu could probably solve this, with a blood transfusion or something. But before that, it could be interesting seeing Hal try to tame his anger for fear of the ring taking over again. Obviously he will regain control of himself, but I can really just imagine the idea of Hal ringslinging in his usual GL uniform trying to hold his anger in check because of the small red ring on his other hand.


  2. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how they address the issue of the ring replacing the wearer’s blood. Completely replacing the red energy with suitable blood must be a big job.

    The idea of Hal being stuck with the red ring for a while could be very interesting though. I’d like too see that. I’m really interested to see how this’ll impact the Agent Orange “new ring” solicit.

    Perhaps Hal will be able to use his GL ring to do the job until his blood is completely replaced? I’m reminded of Driq who used his ring too keep himself alive after his body had died.

    Its definitely a plot device to allow Hal to confront his own anger over Sinestro, which I suspect will be very important, since we know they’ll have to join forces during the Blackest Night.

    Speaking of Blackest Night, not sure there’s a whole blog post in this, but am I alone in being slightly concerned about the third part of a GL trilogy being turned into a DCU-wide event? Part of the fun of Sinestro Corps and Rebirth was that they were very much GL-focused events that other heroes happened to appear in. I’m starting to get worried that Blackest Night will be the other way around.


  3. You describe my feelings exactly.

    Reading the Newsarama you cannot help but get the feeling that The Blackest Night is a DCU event, featuring Black Lantern characters interacting with characters of all kinds, which will mean Blackest Night tie ins within many series…

    The allure of Blackest Night to me was that it was to be a Green Lantern story. Set throughout the universe with the GLs holding the line.

    It feels like Earth is going to be centrepoint again…


  4. That’s pretty much my feeling. I’m not so worried about tie-ins. I can easily ignore a “what Green Arrow was doing during Blackest Night” issue. I’m really concerned about the mini-series though. I was looking forward to it being about the various Corps having to band together against this combined threat.

    How exactly that’s going to play out with the story becoming a DCU-wide crossover is anyone’s guess. But I can’t see the Indigo Lanterns getting to play much of a part if there’s Superman, Flash etc to focus on. Frankly (and bearing in mind Dan Didio’s latest 20 questions I can see this too easily becoming the Hal and Barry show).

    I’m really hoping this is just paranoia on my part though. What made Sinestro Corps such a success was its tight focus. It was about the GLs getting caught up in this huge intergalactic war. As long as the GL and GLC titles still give us a lot of focus on the War of Light, and the GLs (even if its pretty much Hal, John, Kyle and Guy) remain front-and-centre in the main Blackest Night book, then I’ll be happy.


  5. Yes, I was annoyed at Didio talking about Barry’s involvement in Blackest Night.

    No offence to the great Silver-Age Flash (Who I still don’t feel deserves the hype, Barry was a less interesting Wally. Of course today’s writers can make something great of the character with his being a police forensic detective) but what does a Flash have to do with a war of the major powers of the Emotional Spectrum and the forces of Death? Yes Hal had a major bond of friendship with the guy but… this is Green Lantern, not JLA. It should remain so.


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