Legion of 3 Worlds #3 Preview

Legion of 3 Worlds #3I’m not a huge Legion fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve been largely buying the “3 worlds” series for 3 reasons:

1 – Final Crisis tag on the front. I’m a sucker for tie-ins.
2 – Its widely speculated that Bart Allen will be resurrected in this series.
3 – Geoff had promised a look at the remains of the GL Corps in the 31st century.

And from this preview, we’re really getting that 3rd one. There was a big shock last issue as the last Green Lantern, Rond Vidar was killed, and on tracking his body to the remains of Oa, Mon-El and someone else (told you I wasn’t a big Legion fan) find a pile of dead GL rings, and, most surprisingly, Sodam Yat, alive and well, albeit a bit bonkers from years of isolation.

This preview picks right up from there, with Sodam burying Rond Vidar, and explaining that without Mogo to guide them the GL rings fell dead. Mon-El is quick to explain to Sodam that Superboy Prime is back, and he can use this chance for redemption, and Sodam is talked into action.

There’s some really interesting things going on here. We see just how key to the Corps Mogo is, as he’s the guiding light of the rings. While Sodam does hint that he could do the job, Sodam’s seen and done some nasty things over the centuries, and doesn’t feel he could select worthy candidates.

There’s a really nice tip of the hat to Kyle, when Sodam mentions that the original Torch Bearer passed the title on to him when he died.  So obviously despite losing Ion, Kyle is still considered the Torch Bearer by the GL Corps. At the time, the Torch Bearer title was also linked to the fact that Kyle was responsible for restarting the Corps if they should fall again (and we can presume this was directly related to the fact he was hosting Ion at the time). Presumably despite Sodam now hosting Ion, Kyle retained the Torch Bearer title as a mark of respect.

The really interesting thing in this preview though, is when Sodam charges the Green Lantern rings. His oath looks like its actually a combination of lines from the Oaths of the various other Corps, and has some direct nods to the Blackest Night. I wonder what that’s all about and is it a hint that after Blackest Night we will be losing the other Corps and left with only the GLs again? We can presume at least one yellow ring would stay active, as I can’t see them de-powering Sinestro.


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  1. I love the fact that Sodam looks true to the original Alan Moore story in the 31st century.

    Kind of gives it away that he won’t die during the Blackest Night like in the prophecy though.


  2. Agreed about his look, I’d love to see him adopting a new costume somewhere between this and his current look as a result of Blackest Night.

    I’m quite happy at the idea he’ll make it out of Blackest Night to be honest. I’m quite enjoying the character here, but I really couldn’t care about him in the regular monthlies. I don’t feel he’s really been used enough so I personally wouldn’t find any shock or depth to his death.

    Of course, Geoff could use this series to make it more of a shock when he is killed off in Blackest Night.


  3. And he could pull it off too, all he would need is a little temporal manipulation, or just write it off as another Crisis side effect. In fact, if he does plan to kill Sodam off during the Blackest Night, he could have the Time Trapper hint at it during a battle. “There is something wrong with your personal timestream, you should not be..” Etc etc.


  4. Of course, Geoff could also go the Buffy route with Blackest Night. I don’t remember the exact wording from the Alan Moore story, but if Sodam Yat has to die, that doesn’t preclude him being revived later on (possibly even just by the Ion entity).

    Always enjoyed that bit in Season 1 of Buffy, where after a season of foreshadowing Buffy’s death, Xander just gives her CPR and she’s back again.


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