DC Direct @ NYCC

I’ve just been looking at Action Figure Insider’s DC Direct gallery from the NYCC.

There’s some really nice stuff there, including some nice close-up, hi-res pictures of the upcoming Blackest Night figures (well, minus the two “surprise” figures anyway).   They looked really nice in the preview shot we’d been, but these pictures are even better, and they show that Saint Walker does indeed have his headtail that looked noticably missing in the earlier picture.

There’s also a really nice prop collection of the various Corps rings in Blackest Night, which I may or may not be able to resist depending on its cost.

There’s some new JLI figures that look good (aways a sucker for Blue and Gold figures, although I’m not sure if this one will replace my 52 Booster Gold.  A Ted Koord to go with him will be good though).

Finally the Adam Hughes statues are really nice.   Again, probably out of my budget though.  Not to mention the wife probably wouldn’t be pleased 😉

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  1. I have some bad news Alan.

    The Blackest Night is definitely not going to be a GL confined event.

    Every issue with the top heading ‘Origins and Omens’ has a little tale told by the scarred Guardian (who is calling herself ‘Scar’ -_-;; ) about the issue’s main protagonist which is being written into the ‘Book of the Black’, a Black Lantern version of the Book of Oa with a big Black Hand symbol on it.

    Also Scar is crying and bleeding black energy goop. Good for her.


  2. To be honest, from the way DC have been talking for a bit, I’d assumed this was going to be the case. There had been rumours that DC were considering expanding it from a GL event to a DCU event, and once details of some of the ex-heroes who were coming back as Black Lanterns started getting teased by Geoff (even before the figures were spotted), I’ve been assuming it was a done deal that we were looking at our major DC summer event.

    I just hope it doesn’t lose the tight focus of The Sinestro Corps War. However on the plus side, from the various interviews coming out of NYCC and the like, it does sound like the focus is still going to very much be on the various Corps during the event, so while the DCU as a whole will probably be more involved than originally planned, I’m hopeful we’ll still be getting a cracking GL story as well.

    I’m hoping the main series will be a giant Corps War with Superman and a few others thrown in for good measure (maybe the Guardians or Ganthet decide to recruit some extra firepower? Not necessarily give them rings, but just recruit them to help out).

    Individual books during the event could always deal with their own heroes having to fight specific Black Lanterns without tying heavily into the main story, while GL and GLC could occupy roles similar to the two Avengers books during Secret Invasion, and fill in more details and backstory to the main event (although hopefully we won’t end up with stories as throwaway as some of those Avengers ones were).


  3. If it Geoffcons her character destruction over the last 2 years, then definitely 😀

    I miss the Superbuddies Mary Marvel.

    Actually, that’s the kind of tie-in I don’t mind. As long as it in no way impacts a) the main mini-series, and b) any other ongoing plots relating to the character’s ongoing, then I say go for it.

    I thought Secret Invasion actually did this pretty well. The Fantastic 4 title continued doing its own thing, while the 3 issue Secret Invasion: Fantastic 4 handled their tie-in. No disruption to the main series ongoing plot, and it wasn’t strictly necessary for the main mini (although it would’ve been nice to have a bit more detail as to how Ben etc got back).


  4. I tend to agree, a tie in should add a character’s own experiences in regard to the event, it shouldn’t be essential to the plot.


  5. Possibly the best recent example I can think of is Captain Britain and MI13. That title worked really well in terms of telling what was going on in Britain during the Skrull Invasion, but had absolutely nothing to do with events in the main miniseries, other than the Skrulls invading.


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