Fight Knight

Knight RiderWe’re now two episodes post the reboot of Knight Rider, and so far its been a good couple of episodes.

The stronger of the two was undoubtedly Enter Light, Exit Knight, which started in classic Knight Rider style, with Mike and KITT heading home after a long mission, only to be sucked into a bank robbery.

The opening was incredibly strong, starting softly, with Mike asleep in KITT’s passenger seat (a nice touch) and KITT chatting to Sarah.   But from there it quickly kicked off, with Mike and KITT getting caught up in a giant gun battle infront the bank.

Out of all the episodes so far, its probably been the strongest opening. And in that regard it maybe doesn’t surprise that this episode had some of the highest ratings of the season. That big action-packed introduction must’ve been just the ticket to suck in some passing channel-surfers.

The second episode, Fight Knight continued the trend of entertaining episodes. While probably not quite as strong as the episodes since the 2-parter, it was still a fun episode, with a real feel of the old school Knight Rider, as Michael and KITT investigate a death in a small town, and there’s even a corrupt sherrif as well.

For me, the main thing that’s really working in this show since the reboot, has been the relationship between Michael and KITT. There’s a real bond between these two now, and KITT’s really developed a fun sense of humour. There’s a fair amount of playful banter between the pair and its great to watch (I love Mike’s nickname of “supercar” for KITT, and the exchange when Mike deliberately put the dead drill sergeant’s belongings on KITT’s bonnet was fun).

Its a pity there’s only three episodes to go in the season.  There’s a real feeling that this is a show that’s now found its feet.  The tighter cast is allowing for much more focus on the relationships (specifically Mike and KITT), and the characterisations seem to have really fallen into place.   My only concern is the declining ratings in the states may be beyond the point of no return, and a second season is perhaps now looking unlikely.   It’ll be a real shame, as this show has so much potential, that its really starting to live up to.


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