Green Lantern Corps #33

Green Lantern Corps #33DC is really kicking off the Blackest Night hype this month, with both the Origins and Omens mini-event thing, and full-page ads for the upcoming Agent Orange story in GL, and Emerald Eclipse in GLC. And with this issue, we have the first issue of Emerald Eclipse.

Peter Tomasi continues to well balance the cast of characters in GLC. We see things with Mongul come to a head as he decimates Daxam’s forces (using just his severed arm, in a really fun scene) and announces that Daxam will now be the new homeworld of the Sinestro Corps. He’s using the Daxamite’s own fear and prejudice against aliens as a natural source of fear for the rings to feed on.
Of course, Arkillo has something to say about Mongul’s attempts to take over the Sinestro Corps, so the two of them get ready to battle for leadership of the Corps.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Guy are having a heart-to-heart over Kyle’s latest mission, and more importantly the new law the Guardians have just instituted, which we learn has led to the resignation of over 200 Lanterns. Kyle attempts to talk around the issue with Guy, but we can see that Guy has figured out there’s something going on between Kyle and Soranik.

Kyle and Soranik have some nice scenes as well, directly dealing with Kyle’s post traumatic stress, showing him trying to deal with all the Lantern deaths recently by sketching them. Soranik takes Kyle to a chapel on Oa, suggesting that he paints a mural dedicated to the Corps to help him work through things. This is then picked up in the Origins and Omens backup, with Guy and a host of other GLs helping Kyle apply the base white coat to the building before he starts painting it in earnest.

Truth be told, these are probably the best scenes in the whole book. All the GLs coming together to help paint the chapel was really nice to see. There’s a strong bit of blackest night fore-shadowing where in a pot of black paint gets knocked over and forms a hand (along with pots of paint representing all the corps in its grip).

The only thing I thought was weird was when Kyle and Soranik kissed. Surely their rings would’ve issued them with a warning that they were in violation of the book of Oa? Either way its going to be very interesting to see the lasting effects of this law. So far they’ve only lost 200 Lanterns (truth be told I expected more, given that there’s over 7200 of them) however I suspect we’ve only just scratched the surface of the effects of this law. You have to presume that Kyle and Soranik’s relationship is going to come under fire soon, and Kyle’s got a lot of backing from his fellow lanterns as the torchbearer. It could backfire badly for the Guardians.


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  1. Interesting non-GL related (Well, kind of related, may have reprecussions)

    Looking at the May DC solicitations on Newsarama, it seems Superman will be joining the Kryptonian army under General Zod’s command.


  2. Oo, very interesting. I can’t wait to see what leads to that turn of events.

    Annoyingly I seem to have missed an issue in the New Krypton stuff. I jumped from the Kryptonians forming their own planet, to Superman suddenly being face-to-face with Zod. I’d hoped I would be able to just pick up the books that interested me (e.g. Action for the Nightwing & Flamebird stuff, but not as fussed about Guardian and Mon-El over in Superman), but it looks like they’re still heavily interconnected.

    I’ll need to figure out what issue I missed, as its certain this New Krypton stuff is going to lead to something major once Blackest Night is out of the way.


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