Ivan Reis to Leave Green Lantern

Blackest Night #0Newsarama have an interview with Ivan Reis regarding the upcoming Blackest Night event.

Unfortunately in the interview Ivan drops the bombshell that he’ll be leaving the GL monthly at the end of Blackest Night.

Since Green Lantern: Rebirth, the main GL book has had no shortage of incredibly good artists working on it, be it Ethan Van Sciver, Carlos Pancheco or Mike McKone however for my money, my favourite artist on the title has always been Ivan Reis, so I’m very sorry to hear he’s moving onto another book.

I’ve enjoyed Ivan’s art since I read the Rann-Thanagar War mini-series, and he’s produced some amazing art during some of the biggest stories in Green Lantern to date. I’m very much looking forward to his work on Blackest Night, and while I’ll be sorry to see him go, I’ve got no doubt DC will be lining up another top-quality artist for the GL monthly.

I’ll definitely be interested to see what his next project is. Given that he says its with Geoff Johns again, the obvious thing that jumped into my mind is the new Flash monthly series. However some people online are also thinking it could be an Aquaman series.

Either way, it’ll be worth picking up.


2 thoughts on “Ivan Reis to Leave Green Lantern

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  1. Very much so. And I guess that with Blackest Night being the final part of Geoff’s trilogy, it probably will make the perfect jumping off point, with a new artist and a new direction for the title afterwards.

    One thing’s for sure though, whoever they get to replace him will be good. DC certainly haven’t skimped with bringing some of their best artists to the GL title since Rebirth.


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