Spider-Man 2099 Interviews and Trades

Spider-Man 2099 vol1Spider-Man 2099 is one of my all-time favourite comic series. Written largely by Peter David, it follows Miguel O’Hara, one of the top research scientists at a corporation called Alchemax, as he is the victim of a lab accident which gives him powers and he becomes the Spider-Man of the year 2099.

While Spider-Man is hunted by the corporation, Miguel continues at his job, hoping to find a way to reverse what happened to him, and throughout he discovers the harsh realities of the world he lives in,  as Spider-Man becomes a hero to the underclasses who have been forgotten by the corporations who rule this futuristic world.

Its a brilliant series. Peter David did everything he could to make it completely different to the Peter Parker Spider-Man and it works beautifully. The world of 2099 is well-crafted, and there’s a lot to be had from Miguel discovering how sheltered his life has been from working at Alchemax.

The great news then, is that Marvel are going to re-release the series in a set of trades. And to mark this, Newsarama conducted a series of interviews with Peter David, talking about his time on the series, what worked, what didn’t (especially decisions made after he left the title which went against what he’d carefully setup) and what he might do differently today.  Its just a pity they don’t ask him about Flipside.  He was a great villain that sadly only appeared the once, but to me seemed to clearly be setup as the Venom to this Spider-Man.

If you’ve never read it, its well worth taking a look. And you can find the interviews here:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


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  1. I think marvela re also revisiting 2099 in a comic in the next few months. I’ll be interested to see how well its done after that rather poor set of 2099 One shots they did previously which had absolutely no relation to the old 2099 series.


  2. Very true. I’ll be interested to see what they do this time.

    I quite enjoyed the Daredevil 2099 one-shot from that series, but yeah, it really rankled the way they used the 2099 name to shift those books. Hopefully the fact they’re reissuing the old 2099 series means this new one will be connected (and maybe testing the water for a relaunch?).

    Best thing in 2099 was One Nation Under Doom. I really enjoyed that.


  3. Yeah, that was a good shake up. Doom actually manages it. That Peter David interview is good, did you know that 2099 manafest destiny is rare, I guess it would be since many woyld have torn it up in disgust. you’ve got a copy don’t you. Keep it good, it may pay off your mortgage someday.


  4. I really need to find my copy and seal it in a safe or something. It should be in the shoebox with the rest of my Spider-Man 2099 issues.

    Really should re-read it. I remember being a bit harsh on it the first time I read it, when really what it was doing was retconning all the rubbish that had happened before it.


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