Burnout Paradise

 Burnout ParadiseI’m currently flitting between games a lot, trying to find something that really grabs me. So the latest I picked up was Burnout Paradise on the PC.

Following a similar style to most racing games I’ve played these days (specifically Need for Speed Undercover), the game takes the form of a giant city. In GTA-sandbox style, you’re free to drive around the city, seeing what events, jumps etc you can discover.

You spawn new challenges, by stopping at traffic lights and spinning your wheels. These can be of varying types, from straight out races, to takedown challenges (write-off a set number of other cars) , to stunt challenges (perform stunts to amass points with a target number of points to beat). There’s probably others, but I haven’t gotten to them yet 🙂

The graphics are stunning, and the city is well-realised, covering a variety of environments as you’d expect, from built-up city, to motorway, through to mountain roads.  

This edition also includes the bikes add-on, which seem fun in the same way as they were in GTA: Vice City, although thus far I seem incapable of driving one for more than 30 seconds without killing my driver in a horrific way.

So far, the only thing I miss is the Crash Mode the older Burnout games had.  There was great fun at parties, each passing around a joypad attempting to cause the maximum amount of damage.  However, it could be that I’ve just not found it yet.

I’ve also got the Legendary Cars add-on to look forward to.  Already out on the console versions, and due on PC shortly, it adds several cars all based on famous cars from TV and film, namely KITT from Knight Rider (original), Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, and the Delorian from Back to the Future (complete with hover conversion).  Granted it means shelling out a bit of extra cash, but the new cars do look a lot of fun.


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