Booster Gold #18

Booster Gold #18This week’s Booster Gold lays on the time travel thickly, which fortunately is the kind of thing I enjoy ūüôā

Separated from his time sphere, and trapped back during the events of one of the earlier issues in the series, Booster is forced to team up with himself ūüėÄ

Desperate to solve the mystery of the dagger which has been at the heart of this story, Booster has found himself back during the events of issue #4 of the current series. The two Boosters team up, with his past self going after Michelle and Skeets (who’ve been captured by Chronos) while current Booster heads back to ancient Egypt to uncover the truth behind the dagger’s origins.

Back in Egypt, Booster discovers the dagger was linked to a ritual involving the Blue Beetle scarab. As a priest tries to use the scarab to revive an evil Pharaoh, Skeets informs Booster that the ritual will leave the scarab drained, preventing any of the future Blue Beetles from existing.   On hearing this, Booster is quick to intervene to stop the priest.

Meanwhile the past Booster has caught up to Chronos and attempts to rescue Michelle. 

There’s quite a few interesting events in this conclusion. ¬† The big one which will have a lot of imapct in the immediate future, is Michelle learning that in the original history, she died. ¬†How she reconciles this knowledge, with Rip rescuing her will be interesting.

The other, which should have longer term impact is the hints regarding the Black Beetle. ¬†Chronos tries to destroy the Blue Beetle scarab to prevent any of the Blue Beetles existing. ¬†Through doing this he believes he’ll prevent the Black Beetle coming into being, as apparently he is responsible for more evil than the Blue Beetles can make up for. ¬† Rip Hunter is also thrown into doubt as well. ¬†Chronos is revealled as Rex Hunter, who claims his current condition is the result of Rip Hunter experimenting on him. ¬† How true this is, we’ll need to see. ¬† I don’t get the impression Rex was lying, however his view of events could well be skewed.

The Black Beetle hints are especially interesting in light of the announcement to a change in the book’s format. ¬†While Booster Gold will be going up to $3.99, they’re also going to be adding extra pages which will contain a Blue Beetle backup story (I’m guessing ¬†the format will be similar to Mystery in Space, Countdown to Adventure and the current Strange Adventures minis).

Depending on the team and direction, it occurs to me that these Blue Beetle backups could be the perfect place to expand on the Black Beetle plotline which has featured in the main series. ¬† Like Mystery in Space, the two plots could eventually run together as well. ¬†There’s also the dangling plot thread of Ted Koord’s resurrection. ¬†This could also be a perfect place for him to turn up. ¬† He could act as a mentor and technical wizard to Jamie. ¬†

I do hope we’ll see some kind of crossover between Booster and Jamie though. ¬†Having them both in the Booster Gold book and not interacting would seem like a missed opportunity. ¬† However, I’m meaing this as an occassional thing. ¬†

I daresay some people will not be happy about the price hike, but I definitely applaud the way DC are trying to only do it in cases where they’re actually adding extra pages to the comic.


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