Green Lantern Corps #34

Green Lantern Corps #34Continuing on from the preview, we pick up on the conversation between Sodam Yat and his mother. Arisia’s obviously pretty appalled by Sodam’s reaction, but that seems to change once she hears about the mind-wiping, and what they did to Sodam’s alien friend.

Of course, the minute his mother mentions Mongul and the Sinestro Corps, Sodam’s attitude changes. Its a cap on a nice piece of character-work, that he immediately becomes all business, and points out that while he really couldn’t give a damn about Daxam, he’s sworn to protect people from the Sinestro Corps. But before he does, he points out to his mother that the only reason she was able to get help was because of his friend’s ship, and forces her to apologise to a ring-generated image of him. As we saw in the preview, this is a great scene and Sodam comes across really well here as a fully-realised character. We see him taking responsibility for Mongul still being alive (a character trait that can only help explain how messed up he is in Legion of 3 Worlds, if he’s always shouldering the responsibility for things like this), although I can’t help but think his “recon” mission is a really dumb idea.  Granted, he is Ion, but I’d still want at least Guy or Kyle tagging along. Arisia’s the veteran Lantern, but she really doesn’t come across that way here, happily agreeing to Sodam’s plan, even though she thinks they should take backup.  Sodam’s still a rookie Lantern, reliant in the sheer power Ion gives him.   Arisia’s a veteran, but they’re flying into a hornet’s nest of Sinestro Corps, and Mongul alone is a pretty major threat.

The other highpoint of this issue is without a doubt the Mongul/Arkillo fight.  Its really brutal and plays out well over several pages.   I loved the moments like when Arkillo stabs a metal spike through Mongul, and Mongul just turns around and rams it straight back into Arkillo, with it still sticking out of his own body.  As expected, Arkillo ends up defeated but the fight was definitely satisfying.  

There’s a nice moment with Kyle and Soranik, discussing their relationship and what could happen if they get caught, and Kyle is pretty defiant that as long as he can help people, and their relationship won’t affect that, he’s not giving up his ring.   Its nice to see Peter Tomasi handling Kyle’s character as an artist though.  Its something that can get overlooked in amongst all the space-drama so its nice to see that aspect being tackled straight on.

The end of the issue sets up events on Oa nicely.  Part of Scar’s plan involves crippling Oa, so to that end she frees Vice, the recently captured Red Lantern, brought in by Salaak and Kilowog after the attack on Sinestro’s transport.   It does show up a big problem with the Red Lanterns.   Oa’s pretty reliant on confining people in the Sciencells, but they get disolved by the red flame, and they presumably can’t remove a Red Lantern’s ring without killing them.   It’ll be interesting to see how this gets addressed, I’m presuming with them setting up a separate containment facility for Red Lanterns. 

Of course, Vice has just broken out and the Sciencells are filled with Sinestro Corps members.   So it looks like the next few issues are going to be pretty action-packed.


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  1. We can only hope, but I doubt the imprisoned Sinestro Corps members will be an immediate threat as their rings were destroyed. Unless they were just kept in storage, in order to help advance the plot.


  2. Very true. Although I’m guessing that there’s probably enough numbers on the Sinestro Corps’ side to cause a fair amount of chaos if they all manage to get lose.

    The really interesting thing will be seeing how exactly they contain Vice. The red flame depowers Green Lanterns, not to mention infecting them with rage. Hal, John, Kilowog etc would’ve been stuffed had Saint Walker not turned up. So a Red Lantern running around Oa could be a huge problem.


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