New K9

New K9Alongside the good news that K9 will be returning for 6 episodes in Sarah Jane Adventures series 3, we’re also now seeing promotional images turning up for the new K9 series being created by Bob Baker.

Separate to the current Doctor Who productions (as Bob Baker holds the rights to the character), this show will probably end up similar to SJA, with a trio of kids, elder mentor figure and K9 saving the world from alien nasties.

Is there enough room for both shows? Actually, as long as its good, then I don’t see why not. As long as they’re scheduled reasonably apart, this could actually be a perfect year for it to come out, what with no full series of Doctor Who to look forward to.

Of course, the big discussion is rotating around K9’s redesign (which I wonder if that’s partly to do with the BBC owning the rights to the classic design? No idea). To be honest, I quite like it. I can see why people won’t, but it strikes me as a reasonable updating. I’m not sure about the legs at the front, but I quite like the new ears, which look like they could add a lot of expression to the character.   Its still recognisably K9 anyway, just a bit updated, which works for me.

Another nice touch, is from the synopsis they’ve released, this is indeed K9 Mark 1, as he gets pulled through a time rift (or somesuch) in the first episode, damaged and rebuilt.  So that’s another classic Who character who survived the Time War.


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