More Blackest Night Info

Blackest Night #0There’s been some new Blackest Night #0 tidbits courtesy of Andrew NDB at the Green Lantern Corps Message Board, as he’s posted up the checklist for the first few months of Blackest Night.

There seems to be a heavy Secret Invasion influence in the way they’re carrying out this event. In that the tie-ins are taking the form of mini-series separate from the characters’ regular books (for example Blackest Night: Superman). I’m a big fan of this idea, as it prevents big events from messing with ongoing storylines for other characters (which especially in the case of Superman and Batman could be very disruptive indeed). We also now know thanks to a Newsarama interview with Doug Mahnke that the mini-series will be 8 issues rather than 7.

I like the look of some of the tie-ins as well.  Specifically the three Tales of the Corps issues in July.  Presumably these will focus on all the Corps (probably partly as a primer to those who haven’t been buying GL and GLC) and it’ll be nice to see stories focusing on them.

I find it interesting that one of the three non-GL tie-ins is Titans. Superman and Batman getting their own is a no-brainer, but you’d have expected Wonder Woman to complete the trinity. I presume she’ll get her own Blackest Night mini in the following months, and I suppose there are a lot of dead Titans around to tell a story with 😀

The Superman tie-in should be interesting. I’m guessing Clark will still be on New Krypton at this point, so does this mean it will feature ex-Kryptonians returning to plague the new planet of survivors? Or will it deal more with the supporting cast of Mon-El, Nightwing, Flamebird etc?

And of course, everyone’s waiting to see if Zombie-Bruce will turn up in the Batman tie-in. Although I’m hoping not to be honest.

From this checklist I can see me picking up all of those.  At about 6 issues a month, it’ll dent the wallet, but its still reasonably contained compared to some events.  My only worry is that the scope of this results in some delays.  DC took a lot of flack for delays to Final Crisis, so hopefully they’ll have it well in hand, but the sight of two issues of GL in July worries me slightly, as this series doesn’t have the greatest track-record.  Although with Phillip Tan doing the Agent Orange storyline, I guess Doug will have a fair headstart on the Blackest Night issues.  And in complete fairness, Doug did get Final Crisis wrapped up in January so he’s obviously a fast worker.  

The extra tie-ins should also help this event keep its momentum as well.  Final Crisis’ delays probably wouldn’t have been perceived so badly if there’d been a few direct tie-ins being released in the gaps.  The main series might’ve stuttered, but the event as a whole would’ve kept going (although I still applaud DC’s attempt to make a more affordable, scaled down event, its just that in retrospect, the tie-ins do help a lot to give things that “event” feeling).


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