Primeval Season 3

Primeval Season 3So Primeval is back, with the first episode of season 3 shown on Saturday. I’ve been a fan of this show since it started, so I’ve been very much looking forward to more dinosaur antics 🙂

So far, its been a really good start to the series. I loved how we found out more about the anomalies, with the confirmation that they’ve appeared in the past, the metal which can contain them, and the way to temporarily seal them. The idea of dinosaurs appearing as mythological creatures is interesting (and worked well this week), and the new team member seems fairly good.

We’ve also had a third party introduced into events, in the form of Lester’s new boss, who is running her own operation for her own ends. Granted, it does seem to be a slight rehash of last year’s arc plot, however this time its an agency in the Government that’s hiding information from the arc team, and we can maybe assume they have a similar level of control as Helen, since they seemed to be deliberately in that future time-frame to retrieve that cylinder. I do like the idea of a new faction being introduced to spice things up, rather than it just being the Arc team vs Helen again.

Looking forward to next week’s introduction of Jason Flemyng’s character, although with all the changes, I’m guessing one or some of the original cast members is going to be leaving.  And with Jason Flemyng joining, my money’s on Cutter.  In which case I hope we get some resolution of the Claudia/Jenny thing.  Although it was nice to see it mentioned in this week’s episode, showing they’re not sweeping it under the carpet.


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