Blackest Night So Far

Blackest Night #1 pencilsDC’s been hitting us with quite a few Blackest Night goodies lately, courtesy of their new blog. Here you can see the pencils for Blackest Night #1.   Its a nice dramatic cover, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s a generic skull, or if its Nekron himself, the current front-runner of speculation as to who the big bad could be.   Reading the link posted in the comments by David, I realised I didn’t really know much about the character, including his past history with the Guardians and the GLC.   After reading that, I’m more convinced than ever that he’s behind the Black Lanterns.   He’s got the grudge, he’s Lord of the Land of the Dead, and he’s got the raw power to pull this off.

Blackest Night Earth-2 SupermanAnother thing we’ve been seeing are the teasers for Blackest Night. One each for Earth-2 Superman and Aquaman. Now, I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m still really unsure about Earth-2 Superman being used in this way. I’m sure it’ll be a cracking story, and if its used as a backdoor to resurrect the character, then brilliant. But the idea of the original superhero being brought back as a zombie in this way doesn’t sit well with me (especially since I wasn’t thrilled about the way he was used in Infinite Crisis).

Blackest Night Aquaman TeaserThere’s been a lot of murmurings about Aquaman ever since Infinite Crisis as well. The fantasy version that was launched never really seemed to take off (although I enjoyed the take), leading to the inevitable and endless Aquaman: Rebirth posts online. So we’ve now got it confirmed that he’s coming back as a zombie Lantern. The question again is, will this series provide a backdoor for the character’s permanent resurrection? Obviously that’s where a heavy amount of speculation will lie, and there certainly seems to be that push at DC for him to come back, however if the Black Lanterns can indeed be returned to life, there’s the potential for a resurrection-fest, which I really can’t see DC doing.

(As an aside though, given that it looks like we may see Jade as a Black Lantern – from the GLC Origins and Omens, what I would like to see is Kyle using the power she left him, returning it to her, and restoring her.)

Blackest Night: Tales of the CorpsFinally, we’ve been shown the full cover to the Tales of the Corps series. As suspected, it looks like it is indeed featuring all the Corps. Interestingly there’s an Indigo Lantern on the cover. Geoff had previously said that we wouldn’t be seeing them till Blackest Night, but I wonder if this cover means that this series will be their introduction. I do love that Ed Benes artwork, although I’m still not keen on that Star Saphire costume (and I notice Gleason over in GLC seems to be sticking to a more classic look) and she’s given such prominence on this cover that its maybe a bit too much T&A.  

Of course, the really interesting thing is that its obviously Carol.  Perhaps not a huge surprise after last month’s issue of GL, but it’ll be interesting to see if Carol’s return as Star Saphire is going to be picked up in the Agent Orange arc starting this week, or if we’ll need to wait for this series to see that plot unfold.


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  1. I found the link googling the name someone posted in the comments section of the Newsarama page you found that cover at.

    The more I think about it, the more I think Nekron has to be behind it all. He fits the bill completely, and his backhistory is just vague enough to allow plenty of potential in the hands of Geoff.

    I just hope they pull it off to a high enough degree to satisfy the hype.
    There’s a lot of places they could go wrong.

    And on an unrelated note, the Ubuntu 9.04 beta is brilliant. =]


  2. Agreed. DC are putting a lot of push behind this event. Presumably the critical failing of Final Crisis (I loved it, but even I can’t ignore the panning it got) has put added pressure on this to be a success.

    With the surprise (except to anyone reading Green Lantern since Rebirth) hit that was Sinestro Corps, DC must be really smelling the chance to have *the* event this summer, something they probably could use after Marvel’s huge successes and associated press attention recently with Civil War, Secret Invasion and now Dark Reign. DC must be keen to get a cut of that action.

    I think the key thing is going to be to keep the momentum up. I think that’s one of the big things that hurt Final Crisis, and the list of tie-ins we’ve seen so far (along with the recently announced 3 issue Flash mini-series) looks promising. Ivan Reis has had a reasonable lead-in time with Phillip Tan handling the Agent Orange arc, so hopefully delays shouldn’t be a huge issue (another thing that hurt Final Crisis). Certainly I think DC have a lot to prove with this one.


  3. Not looked at the Jaunty Beta yet, but looking forward to the new release. Only worry will be that it kills my laptop’s wifi, which with the laptop now solely running Ubuntu would be a big issue.

    Of course, the sensible thing to do would be to hold off upgrading, but I do enjoy playing with the new releases 😉

    Should really nab the beta and try the live CD on the laptop. Hopefully that’d give me an idea if there’s going to be any problems.


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