Blackest Night Solicits – July

Green Lantern #43IGN have put up the solicits for the first month (July) of Blackest Night, and its looking very, very good.

A very interesting aspect to these solicits its the two issues of GL in July. Hopefully this is a sign of Doug Mahnke having had a headstart on the art duties, and we know from final Crisis that he can produce good work in a hurry (something that’ll probably be key to GL during all this). I’m liking the look of his two covers a lot. He’ll probably not replace Ivan Reis as my favourite GL artist, but his artwork’s great, and he’s a fast worker, which will count for a lot given GL’s tendency to hit delays.

I’m guessing these issues pick up straight after what we’ve seen in Blackest Night #0, as that started with Barry and Hal at Bruce’s grave, and here we see them battling the Black Lantern J’onn by that same grave (and Black Hand there as well, although I’m guessing he escapes after issue #43 thanks to the arrival of the Zombie Martian Manhunter). I’m also interested to see that Peter Tomasi’s story arc with Mongul taking over the Sinestro Corps will be coming to a head in the main GL title, with the solicits teasing Sinestro vs Mongul.

 Green Lantern Corps #38GLC meanwhile is the usual one issue that month (helps keep GL ahead in the numbering 😉 ) and its dealing with the aftermath of the Sciencell riots, with a new law being enacted (something that’s not as exciting as it used to be. I’m just sitting wondering what dumb decision the Guardians will make this time), and hints that its going to have serious implications for the Honour Guard Lanterns Kyle and Guy. The cover seems intriguing with Kilowog holding (offering?) a load of Green Lantern rings. Perhaps a sign of the heavy losses the GLC has taken recently, between the Sinestro Corps, Red Lanterns, and people quitting due to dumb laws?   Although given the blood on his hand, I’m guessing these Lanterns didn’t quit.  Despite the Guardian’s feelings towards Ganthet, with the hits their numbers have taken over the last year, they’re going to end up very glad of the Blue Lanterns help by the end of this.

Finally, and possibly what I’m looking forward to the most out of these solicits, is the Tales of the Corps specials. The solicits give us an idea of what stories to expect, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Saint Walker’s pilgrimage, and our first introduction to the Indigo Lanterns.


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  1. Can’t wait, looks to be brilliant. =D

    As a side note, with all the amazing things to look forward to this year, it’s pretty easy to overlook things that could turn out to be real gems.

    This is something I feel falls into that catagory.

    This is a trailer for an upcoming movie, called Moon, that looks to be a brilliant Sci fi film. =]


  2. Very true. With so many high profile events this year (be it Blackest Night or the new Star Trek film), a lot of stuff could fly under the radar.

    To an extent, I’m quite annoyed with the way the studios held back films like Star Trek and Harry Potter at Christmas. I thought this Christmas/New Year was particularly weak for films, and I had been looking forward to a summer where smaller films would have a chance to shine.

    And then, of course, I realised Transformers, Wolverine etc were all going to be out anyway, so its not like we’d have been short of blockbusters.


  3. Oh yes. Especially given the lack of competition it would’ve had. The Day the Earth Stood still looked awful, and Quantum of Solace was disappointing.


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