Atomic Robo

Atomic RoboI blogged the other week about Digital Comics, and in particular about Iverse Media on the iPod Touch/iPhone (they’re also on Android and are planning on releasing a desktop client). One of the good things Iverse Media tend to do is offer the first issue of series for free on the App Store, as a taster. So, having discovered them, I picked up a load of the free issues to see if anything else took my fancy.

Atomic Robo grabbed me straight away. I’ve only read the first few issues, but it follows the adventures of an artificially intelligent robot, created in 1923 by Nikola Tesla. Set in the modern day, Atomic Robo fights various badguys, from evil Nazi scientists, to giant mutant ants.

What drew me to the series was the sense of humour. Robo is one of those characters who’s always quipping a la Spider-Man, but the humour extends to the situations he’s in as well, such as the second issue featuring Robo’s team having a scientific argument on the plane while Robo’s already jumped out and started stomping the giant ants.

Its a lot of fun, and definitely a series I’d recommend checking out. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPod Touch, the first issue is free, and subsequent issues are a bargain 59p. Can’t beat that for value.  And hopefully that desktop client will be available soon as well.

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