Jaunty Upgrade

Ubuntu LogoWell, I took the plunge over the weekend and upgraded my laptop to the new Ubuntu 9.04.

Fortunately all seems to have gone smoothly. All the main stuff was working happily on reboot, even my wifi. I’m not sure what’s actually been changed in this release, so I’ll need to go through it more thoroughly at somepoint, but I really like the new theme on the login screen. The only downside is that I feel it makes the GTK theme used for the main desktop look a bit older by comparison. The darker theme now used for the login screen is a lot fresher.

The much-vaunted notification system is very nice indeed.  I’ve only had notifications relating to Pidgin so far, but the effect is really nice with a semi-transparent box in the top right of the screen appearing with the contact’s avatar and their status change or message.

My only comment is that it’d be nice to see other apps using it. Its not Ubuntu’s fault,and it is only a new system, so maybe it’ll be more heavily used as releases roll on, but having these nice pop-ups for Pidgin only draws attention to Skype and the like having pop ups appear on different parts of the screen and not looking as nice. It detracts from the integrated feel of the desktop, so I would like to see future versions of apps adopt it. That’s up to their developers though.


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