Captain Britain and MI13 #13

Captain Britain and MI13 #13Its not often something pushes my precious Green Lantern Corps into second place, but this month, the book that really jumped out from this week’s pull list was Captain Britain #13. As good as Emerald Eclipse is being, it just can’t match the impact of events in this book.

This latest part of Vampire State finds things going from bad to worse. The spell that protected Britain from the vampires has been shattered, leaving Dracula’s forces free to invade. Jac is succumbing to Dracula’s influence, and a magic barrier has been placed around Britain, sealing it off from international assistance (not that anyone was bothering anyway – although we do get a nice scene of Wisdom complaining about being compared to the Green Goblin).

From here, things just get worse, Cap realises that he can exit the barrier, but not get back through it once he’s on the other side, and they receive a call from Jac, which they immediately recognise as a trap.

Its nice to see our heroes being wise to what’s going on.   Blade’s experience against Vampires is very much at the fore-front as he straight away realises that Jac’s been turned.  Blade’s also resolute regarding what needs to be done, as he promised Jac to kill her in a previous issue if she did turn.

Sadly, despite being prepared for the trap, we again see Dracula’s strategic might.  He’s been planning this meticulously, and despite the defenses Wisdom as put in place, by this point the sheer numbers of Dracula’s forces are staggering.

And then Paul Cornell goes for broke.   Realising she needs to act, and still feeling powerless to save her family, Faiza rushes into battle against Jac.  She manages to take down a few of the vampires, but Jac herself is too fast and powerful and rips Faiza’s throat out.   I must admit, this really shocked me.  Paul Cornell had hinted that there were going to be some deaths, but with Faiza being a new character Cornell himself had created, and was building up with her desire to be a hero, and her relationship with the Black Knight, I’d figured she was pretty safe.

This one move pretty much takes the team apart.  Black Knight loses it, and just as Wisdom orders Cap to get them out of there, they get hit by a blast from Dracula’s forces.  The team is scattered with only Captain Britain and Blade presumed alive.   However Cap was thrown outside the barrier by the explosion and is now unable to return to Britain.

The end result?  Dracula wins, with the final, shocking page featuring Dracula standing in the Commons, surrounded by the bodies of Parliament.   As a Brit, this scene just really hammered home the scale of Dracula’s victory.

So what next?  Well, the big question will be how Cap manages to get around Dracula’s force field.  Maybe with Dracula’s forces in Britain, it’d be worth a quick trip to the moon and a scout around?  We know that Blade escaped, but I’m not sure I can see him operating as part of an organised resistance.  I can see the rest of the survivors managing to put together a resistance, with the aim to get back in touch with Cap.  They’ll need to try and sway Jac back to their side as well, but with her having killed Faiza and under Dracula’s influence, exactly how and if its possible remains to be seen.

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