Blackest Night #2 Cover

Blackest Night #2IGN have released a first look at the cover to Blackest Night #2 and what a great cover it is 🙂

While they note this is just a pre-release look at the image and it’ll probably have an extra layer of polish and inking done before the final version is revealed, I think the cover’s incredibly striking the way it is, with Hal being overwhelmed by Black Lanterns, but lighting the whole cover with his ring, and not looking too bothered about his imminent death-by-zombie.  Very Hal 😀

Its also nice to see Hal front-and-centre on the cover, hopefully showing how the Green Lanterns are still going to be very much and the fore-front of this event, despite its switch in focus from GL to DCU-wide.

It looks like there’s at least one other Black Lantern revealed as well.  We can see Earth-2 Superman, Aquaman and J’onn, however on the left that looks like Ke’Haan.  I wonder if the rest of the Lost Lanterns who’ve died will make an appearance.


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