Knight Rider 2008 PosterWell, NBC has released their 2009/2010 schedule, and its grim reading.

It was pretty well known that with the economic situation taking a heavy toll on advertising, and NBC’s new deal with Jay Leno that the axe was going to be falling pretty heavily on other shows to free up money and space in the schedules, but still, a lot of favourite shows have fallen.

From this blog’s point of view, Knight Rider is chief among them. Although not entirely unexpected, its still disheartening to see the show cut down just as it had found its feet and was turning in some sterling, entertaining episodes.  However, there’s currently a campaign on Twitter being started to try and build interest in the show and see if it can be brought back.  So if you’re on Twitter, follow @savekitt and check out the #savekitt hashtag.

Its especially sad to see NBC wielding the axe just as Knight Rider has been launched in the UK and has been doing phenominally well.  The feature length pilot netted a half a million viewers, Sci Fi UK’s highest ratings since its first run of Heroes in 2007.   However this week, the combination of Knight Rider and Dollhouse proved to be a winner, and Knight Rider smashed that total, bringing in a whopping 700,000 viewers.   With the show doing so well over here it’ll be a huge shame if there’s no season two.

So please check out and maybe if we get insanely lucky there’ll be enough international interest to resurrect the show.

And while I’m here, check out as the excellent My Name is Earl has also been axed by NBC.


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