Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1I’ve ended up skipping most of the post-Final Crisis spin-offs, although Run sounded quite tempting. However, I’d enjoyed the Super Young Team in Final Crisis a lot, so given that it was a quiet comics week for me, I ended up picking up the first issue of Dance.

And what a great first issue it was. Joe Casey expertly captures the voice Grant Morrison gave the team during Final Crisis. The gimmick of having Most Excellent Superbat’s running thoughts as tweets was great, and I love the idea that these previously shallow superheroes have now found their calling after the events of Final Crisis, but are finding themselves trapped by their shallow, celebrity lifestyle.  Especially in the case of Most Excellent Superbat (although Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash currently seems happy living it up).

The scenes where the team look on in dismay as they’re shown their new satellite headquarters, complete with JLA-style trophy room filled with faked trophies were great, while also carrying a sinister edge that was borne out by the end of the book where we discover a group is manipulating the Super Young Team to distract the populace from larger problems.   It also provides an interesting take on the Authority, another team who were for a while living it up with lavish parties on the carrier and their celebrity status.  

But whereas the Authority embraced that lifestyle, here we have it portrayed more as a source of conflict, with some team members reveling in it (Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash), others appalled and just wanting to be proper heroes (Most Excellent Superbat) and the others trapped in the middle, unsure what to do.

I’m very hopeful for the rest of this series, and its nice to see Casey touching on the love triangle Morrison introduced between Big Atomic Lantern Boy, Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash and Shiny Happy Aquazon.  So far the feel of this book is spot on, with lots of weird and over-the-top aspects, however hinting at something deeper going on under the surface.


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