CoH Characters – Colonel Lightning

Colonel LightningYup, its another Blaster.   I do have characters that are other archetypes, but I do love my blasters.

Colonel Lightning is a (you guessed it) electricity blaster, with the electricity secondary powerset.  Her character’s defined as the thrillseeker of the group (exemplified by the manic grin I gave her).    Freed of any convoluted multiverse gubbins, I picture her to be a lot like Impulse in that she has no real grasp of the concept of danger.    She’ll blindly barrel into a situation, get in over her head and usually only survive thanks to the timely arrival of other heroes.   Not that she really appreciates this is the case.

Most of the other heroes barely tolerate her prescence in Paragon as she tends to cause them as much work as she does criminal arrests, although some of the older heroes appreciate the enthusiasm she has, and her sheer joy in her powers.  They tend to defend her and  try to teach her to try and think before she acts.

They usually fail though.


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