iPhone 3GS

Well, everyone else is talking about it, so I thought I’d copy and paste (seems appropriate 😉 ) a forum post I made elsewhere and tweak it a bit.

In short, confirmed new features include, 3.2Megapixel camera, cut/copy/paste, compass, some “find my phone” Mobile Me thingy, MMS, video recording and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember.

So, reactions?  Well, I don’t think it was an exciting new release by any stretch of the imagination, but I think its an important one, in that a lot of this functionality fills in critical (and in some cases embarrassing) gaps in the iPhone.  They’ve been coasting without things like MMS and video capture for ages when these are standard features in every other phone and have been for years.

From a smartphone point of view, no copy & paste has always been bad as well, but the iPhone still lacks multi-tasking, which to me is going to be a brick wall they’ll hit soon if they truely want to capture the Smartphone market.  I’ve owned my Blackberry for about 6 months now, and I’m always switching between apps.  For example, I’ll be looking at some tweets when I get a text, so I’ll switch to my messages, reply to the text, then flick back to my twitter client. 

Similarly with copy and paste. Multi-tasking makes copy and paste a lot more relevant as I’ll be reading something, find it interesting, copy the URL/text, switch to email or twitter, paste it in, send and then switch back to the original app I was looking at.

For me though, despite this new upgrade, I’m still not interested. As I say, I’m used to having multi-tasking now, and the big killer is still the touchscreen keyboard for me. I use my iPod Touch for twitter and the odd email, and I’m definitely a lot faster and more comfortable typing on my Bold’s physical keyboard. If you’re not a big typer though, then its less of an issue.   There’s no doubt in my mind that the iPhone’s a great device.  But it still doesn’t quite tick all the boxes for me personally in terms of being a communication device.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, there’s a huge fallout over O2’s suggestion that existing iPhone customers will have to wait till their contract is up before they upgrade (or pay an early upgrade fee).   Of course, this is completely standard practice for every mobile network I’ve ever been with, and I always except it as read whenever I sign on the dotted line (and thus I tend to make sure I’m going to like whatever phone I’m getting).  

However the iPhone customers seem to think they’re a special case.  Does this highlight the gadget versus phone mentality that the iPhone fosters?  Or does it indicate that a large portion of iPhone customers (or at least, those complaining) were Pay-as-you-go customers unused to what mobile contract terms actually meant when it came to upgrading?

Here’s a fairly good blog post I read on the matter: Why #O2Fail is really ‘iPhone customer Fail’


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