Blackest Night in September

Blackest Night #3 VariantIGN has put up the solicits for September’s Blackest Night titles.

Interestingly the cover shown for Blackest Night #3 is the Firestorm-focused variant cover.  So it’ll be interesting to see what’s on the Ivan Reis main cover, but I’m guessing its considered spoilery (the main villain?).

Its also interesting that the Superman tie-in doesn’t mention the Earth-2 Superman, but does reveal that Psycho Pirate will be back as a Black Lantern.  I love how there’s a hole still in his head from where Black Adam punched him 😀  (although it does raise the issue of how the Black Lanterns come back.  This lends itself towards them being the actual remains of the dead, but then we’ve got the question of how Black Lanterns come back where there aren’t any physical remains, such as Firestorm).  Given the prominance of Earth-2 Superman on the cover and in the solicit for August, it’ll be interesting to see where he’s gone, or if its just a natural shift of focus for this issue to Clark and Connor (speaking of which, its great seeing Connor on these solicits again.  I can’t wait for Adventure Comics).

Despite the firepower on display on the Batman cover, which I’m a bit dubious about, I love seeing Batman, Robin and Red Robin side by side on that cover.  I’m really hoping this is something that happens in the book, rather than the cover just reflecting the fact that all three of them are in the story, albeit separately.  I really want to see them team up, although it’ll be interesting to see how that jibes with the events of Red Robin #1, given Tim is currently globe-trotting.   And not a big fan of Richard.

Titans is still the book that’s highest on my “could skip” list, although the Donna focus of this issue grabs my attention.  Again, it wins the “most twisted cover” award of the month. 😀  I’ve got a soft spot for Donna after the Kyle run, and realistically I’ll probably go all completist over this event anyway.

The Green Lantern solicits also cover a plot point I’d been wondering about, as the Green Lantern #46 solicit tells us this is the long-awaited Sinestro/Mongul confrontation.  I’m a bit surprised about this, as I’d really thought it would’ve happened by now (specifically by the end of Emerald Eclipse in GLC).  However its going to be great to finally see.  Its pretty much being taken as granted that Mongul is going to lose, but it’ll be interesting to see exactly what happens to him.  He’s been a great nemesis for the GLC and I hope Geoff resolves this conflict well and leaves Mongul open as a character for a new direction (ie, he doesn’t end up killed by Sinestro).

Green Lantern Corps #40The cover of Green Lantern Corps #40 also provides us a tantalising image, with the various Black Lanterns appearing to absorb different aspects of the emotional spectrum from Guy, Arisia and Kyle.   It strikes me as something that could be quite amusing potentially.  Will we see the return of “nice” Guy from the JLI if he’s been drained of his hate?  And will Kyle without fear be roughly equivalent to Dave Lister in the episode Polymorph of Red Dwarf?

Ok, I joke, but it really does remind me of Polymorph, however I’ll be surprised if any aspect of this is played for laughs.  Its interesting as well that the cover is focused solely on the main/classic  Green Lanterns.   No Sodam Yat or Soranik Natu here.   Just Guy, Kyle and Arisia.  I wonder if this signals that the title will be very focused on these characters for the duration of this event, to ensure all the Guy and Kyle fans are left happy that they were properly involved in Blackest Night.  although I’ll still be annoyed if the four Musketeers aren’t playing a major role in the main mini series.  I’d rather have Hal, John, Kyle and Guy front and centre in Blackest Night and the GL series (albeit slanted towards Hal), allowing GLC to focus on the other Lanterns, much like happened in the Sinestro Corps War.

So the solicits are still looking very promising for this event.  And again, I think they’ve hit a good balance with the number of tie-ins for this event.  Presumably only Blackest Night, GL and GLC will be the “must-read” titles for the event, but the other tie-ins are restricted enough in number that I’ll be fairly happy to pick them up, without breaking the bank too badly.

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