Strange Adventures #7 Solicit

Strange Adventures #7Just a quick note regarding the other solicit that really caught my attention.  Strange Adventures #7.

so, this series is heading for a Comet vs Captain Comet clash.  However, this raises a heck of a lot of questions, given that they’re the same guy.  Is this Captain Comet a clone?  Or the original turned up via some time mangling?  Or is it all just Synnar screwing with our heroes?  Of course, it could be Synnar screwing with our heroes using a clone of Captain Comet.   Deacon Dark (who works for Synnar) does have a history of cloning Captain Comet, although Comet destroyed his original body to stop the clones being produced back in Mystery in Space.

One thing I’d mentioned in previous posts about Strange Adventures was the ongoing, and largely ignored, plot thread with Comet pretending to be his own nephew, taking on his uncle’s role after his death.  Of course, we know that Comet is infact the original Captain Comet, resurrected in a new body via the Weird’s powers after his original was killed by Lady Styx.  I’m assuming this means that this plot thread is definitely going to be addressed in this series, as you have to assume Comet will be forced to tell Adam Strange the truth when faced with his older self.  I can’t imagine Strange will be overly pleased with being lied to.  Ideally it’ll also see Comet take on his full name again of Captain Comet.  I much prefer its retro sound 🙂


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