My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst EnemySci-Fi Channel UK have been doing pretty well lately with some high-profile premiers, and the latest is this Christian Slater vehicle.

Christian Slater stars as both Edward and Henry. Edward is a black ops Goverment agent. Henry is a normal family man working for a financial institution. Sadly for Henry, it turns out they’re also the same guy, with a chip implanted in his brain which allows Edward’s superiors to decide which of them is the active personality at any time.

Then one day, things rapidly go pear-shaped after the chip malfunctions and the two personalities start swapping over randomly with no control. Edward wakes up in Henry’s home and instantly knows what’s wrong, as he knows about his dual identity. However Henry gets a much more rude awakening, taking over during a mission and finding himself targeted by Russians.

We’re two episodes in, and I’m enjoying this series immensely. Our main focus between the two characters is Henry, as he has no idea what’s been going on or his dual identity. I get the impression that a key part of the series is going to be finding out who exactly Edward (I like the Jekyll and Hyde nod BTW) is. We know there’s something unusual about him, as his boss notes they only knew about the flat he owns within the last year and it was a surprise to them, and on investigating Edward’s place, Henry uncovers a hidden room, filled with weapons.

Edward’s relationship with his employers seems to have more to it as well.  There’s an implication that this kind of malfunction should’ve resulted in Henry’s “death”, however instead the boss is helping to cover up what’s happened, and has been helping to guide Henry where necessary.

Its an intriguing setup.  The riff on the classic Jekyll and Hyde is well played and has a bit of a twist to it.   The exact nature of the program that would create agents like this, as well as who Edward is and his motivations are interesting mysteries that have been setup.

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