Green Lantern #43 Preview

Green Lantern #43These previews seem to be coming out earlier and earlier 🙂

I’m guessing its part of DC’s hype and build up to Blackest Night that they’re releasing them early or something.  As usual these days, IGN have the scoop with the Green Lantern #43 preview.

Anyway, there’s been comparisons made between this preview and Geoff’s Rogue profiles during his tenure on the Flash, and I definitely think that’s what I’m expecting from this issue.  I’m not really expecting Hal to turn up much at all.

The look into Black Hand’s history promises to be pretty disturbing and twisted.  Geoff Johns seems to be having a lot of fun with just how sick and twisted this character actually is, right from the initial shot of him in the grave with the bodies (ewwwwww).

I’ve also got to mention Doug Mahnke’s art.  I’m really loving it in this preview, especially that little glimpse of Scar.  Its a really nicely detailed image that jumped out at me.

I’m very enthusiastic for this issue.  Its just a pity its another week to wait.

Green Lantern Corps #38Meanwhile IGN also have a preview for this week’s GLC #38.  Its the last part of Emerald Eclipse, picking off right where we left off, with the Lanterns reeling from Oa’s armour being destroyed.  I’m really looking forward to this conclusion of a fantastic story arc.  It’ll be interesting to see if Sodam Yat’s fate is revealled here.  Obviously, we know he survives, but is his presumed death going to be left hanging as a plot thread to be addressed during Blackest Night?

Its also nice to see a short scene with Soranik trying (and failing) to remove the tatoo Sinestro gave her.  She fails and acknowledges she’s stuck with it, but I have to wonder if they’ll at least address the tracking device Sinestro had implanted within it.


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