Adventure Comics #1 Preview

Adventure Comics #1DCU Blog had a treat for us today, with the first look at the new Superboy-starring Adventure Comics.

It looks like a great start to the series, with Kon in much the same place as he was at the beginning of Geoff’s Titans run.  In Smallville, trying to live the life Clark had growing up.  Although I suspect that Geoff intends to spin things on their head, with Kon now relishing this life, rather than fighting against it.

One thing I really liked about this preview, was the appearance of Bart.  Its nice to see him and Kon back together again, and them trashing their statues at Titans Tower seems very appropriate 🙂  What I really loved though was Bart’s attitude.  He comes across much more Impulse-like in his dialogue, which is something I felt had been really missing from the character since Teen Titans.   Its nice to see him enjoying himself again.

I very much like the look of Francis Manapul’s art, and the colouring along with it.   There’s something almost painted looking about it that looks different to most of the other books I’m getting.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to this one 🙂


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