Green Lantern Corps #38

Green Lantern Corps #38This issue brings to a close Emerald Eclipse, and leads us straight into the events of Blackest Night (again, I’m left wonder when exactly Final Crisis happened in the current GL timeline).

As seen in the preview, the issue is largely interested in the fallout from the riot on Oa.  This probably leads to the main disappointment of the issue, which is the events on Daxam.  Whereas previous issues in this story arc had played out those events as a major part of the story, here they’re effective resolved with a single two-page spread of the Daxamites attacking the Sinestro Corps and Mongul saying “Stuff this, we’re off”.  Its a disappointing ending to what had been a very powerful arc.  Interestingly, Sodam Yat is left as “dead” here, which leads me to believe his return could be a big part of Blackest Night.  Surely Arisia will twig with all the Black Lanterns around that Sodam’s not among them, and he can turn up to save the day at somepoint?

I don’t have the issue in front of me, but in Legion of Three Worlds, I’m sure Sodam mentions failing the Corps during the Blackest Night.  Perhaps this could be a reference to the fact that he was not able to help out, due to recuperating in Daxam’s sun?   It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

The main thrust of the issue is the events on Oa.  After turning up to quell the riot last issue, the Alpha Lanterns waste no time ferrying the prisoners away, leaving the Corps to handle the rebuilding.   We also get a great “WTF???” moment from the Guardians when they return from Vega to find Oa’s armour smashed to bits (I could just imagine one of them saying: “Honestly, we leave you alone for five minutes…” 😀 ).

Things then go from bad to worse on Oa.  Kyle and Guy discuss their mutual distrust of the Alpha Lanterns, but are still horrified when they discover them executing the prisoners who rioted on Oa.  Arguing that killing defenseless prisoners is against the spirit of the Corps, they intervene, but are overruled by the Guardians who teleport them back to Earth (putting all four Musketeers back on Earth together for the start of Blackest Night).

Its a great scene.  You really feel its going to turn very nasty with Guy and Kyle getting between the Alphas and the prisoners, only to then discover its all condoned by the Guardians and showing their disgust.  Here Kyle and Guy really become the mouthpieces for the fans who’ve been watching everything the Guardians have done since the Sinestro Corps War.  Its a powerful, great scene that’s been brewing for a while, and doesn’t disappoint.

Many people are starting to argue that out of the two Green Lantern monthlies, this book is actually better than its parent title, and while I’d probably still rate them both equally (Geoff has the advantage of getting first shot at the new Lanterns), its easy to see from the events on Oa in this book why people are thinking that way.

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