Torchwood: Children of Earth – Day 1

Torchwood TeamWell, that was incredibly good.

I think this was the show most people probably had in mind when Torchwood was first announced.  Very much an adult Sci-Fi drama, without the adolescent undertones that resulted in such criticism of Torchwood’s first season.   The second season had obviously taken a long, hard look at those criticisms and addressed them, and with this third season opener, Torchwood comes across as a far more confident show.

Taking a pinch of Spooks and adding it into the mix, we get a lot more Government intrigue this time around, no doubt partly due to the extended format, allowing for a deeper plot to be told.  Likewise the glimpses into Ianto and Jack’s private lives were welcome after the first two seasons focused almost exclusively on Gwen and Rhys.

There was a great atmosphere to the episode as well.  The stuff with the kids was very spooky, and the Government plot added a tonne of mystery.  Clearly they know what’s going on, while Torchwood and UNIT don’t.

This was a brilliant opening episode.  If it can keep up this level of quality for the rest of the week, then we’re in for a treat.


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