Torchwood: Children of Earth – Day Two

Ianto, Gwen & RhysSo, with the Hub destroyed, and Jack blown to tiny pieces, things were grim last night for Gwen and Ianto.

Again, I’m very impressed by how good this is.  I’d been slightly worried that after the cracking opener, subsequent episodes would be a let down, but this continued to deliver great TV.   There were some great moments, whether it was Gwen and Rhys discussing calling their baby Edward if it was a boy, the horror of Jack’s resurrection and entombment, or the punch the air moment of Ianto ripping Jack’s entire concrete-filled cell out through the wall of the Government compound.

The mystery still continues to build nicely.  We know the Government’s done dealings with these aliens in the past, resulting in them targetting Britain (it seems kind of obvious that the children in 1965 were sacrificed to the aliens somehow to get rid of them), and the environmental box that’s been built, containing their poisonous atmosphere was suitably foreboding.

The only minor niggle I’d make from last night’s episode, was I thought it was a bit too convenient for Gwen that the PA, who was in a moral quandry over her boss’s kill orders, and had only just decided to betray him to Gwen, had also had the foresight to bring along all the detailed information Gwen needed to get into the Government facility.  That didn’t quite ring true, for a character who was supposed to be torn by what she was doing.

Overall though, this is definitely a show that’s stepped out of the shadow of its parent show.  I’m not watching the show thinking of it as a Doctor Who spin-off anymore.   This season of Torchwood very much is standing on its own two feet.


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