Wednesday Comics

Wednesday Comics #1This week saw the launch of DC’s new weekly experiment: Wednesday Comics.

For those that don’t know, its markedly different to their previously weeklies, which took the form of normal comics.  This time, they’ve launched something in broadsheet form, printed on newspaper (and nicely folded up to regular comic size for the benefit of the shelves).

Its a bold experiment.  We get stories from some of DC’s best creators using a wide range of characters, from the obvious Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern, to Adam Strange, Catwoman and Kamandi.  However each week, we only get a single page of the story in each case.  It sounds really odd, but it actually worked very well, barring possibly the Wonder Woman story which tried to be too dense I think.

But for me, what really made this work was the style of story.  There was a very retro feel to the whole thing, in both the stories and the art style.  Completely moving away from the mainline DC comics, these are standalone stories, taking the iconic characters unencumbered by multiverses and the like.   There’s a distinct silver age, or newspaper strip feel to the whole project, and I loved it.

After Countdown, DC really needed to rethink what people would look for in a weekly comic, and I think they may have nailed it.  It’ll be interesting to see how the format holds up over the next 12 week.s


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