Blackest Night October Solicits and GL #44 Preview

Blackest Night #4So the latest solicits have gone up at IGN, and give us a tantalising look at the future of Blackest Night.

Firstly, I’ve got to say how much I love that cover for Blackest Night #4.  While I’m still a little unsure about the raised GL badge on Hal’s uniform, the rest of the cover is a cracking image.  It needs to be at least a desktop wallpaper onDC’s site, if not get a release as a poster.

The Blackest Night Superman solicit introduces us to an idea I hadn’t even thought about, but makes so much sense, when the Psycho Pirate’s Medusa Mask is hinted as a weapon against the Black Lanterns.  As something that controls emotions, it would make a lot of sense that it could be used against them.

Also interesting is the appearance of John Stewart on the variant cover for not Green Lantern, but Green Lantern Corps.  I’m guessing his Xanshi subplot may turn out to be a big thread in Blackest Night then, and perhaps this hints that there’ll be a lot more crossover in the plots of GL and GLC than there was in Sinestro Corps War.

Green Lantern #44The preview for Green Lantern #44 is also up, expanding on Hal and Barry’s conversation at Bruce’s grave as the Black Lantern J’onn turns up.  Again Geoff Johns writing Hal and Barry’s friendship continues to be a real highlight of the DCU at the moment.  I love their conversation regarding secret identities, and Barry commenting on how much better Kyle’s crab mask is than Hal’s 😀

Again we’re seeing that the Black Lanterns seem to possess their personalities rather than the usual “Brainzzzzzz” zombies, so it’ll be interesting to see what exactly their nature is.  Do they have the actual souls bound to them, or are they just copies of the original personalities within the body?  Are Ralph and Sue still out there doing their ghost detective bit, while their physical remains were off killing the Hawks?  Of course, if so then it suggests the possibility of a resurrected Carter and Shiera Hall versus Black Lantern Hawkman and Hawkgirl/woman.


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  1. I’m almost certain it will. I suspect the suit they’re using for the First Flight animated movie is a definite nod towards a more “movie-friendly” look.

    I always thought that Kyle’s Jim Lee-designed suit was also a potential movie version of the GL uniform.


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