Bike Unit

Warhammer 40K: Bike unit - finishedWell, I’ve now finished the bike unit and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

The overall process was pretty much the same as a basic unit, clipping everything off of the sprues, building the model, basecoating, foundation paint, detailing and washes.  The main difference aside from the size of the model was in applying the transfers, which was new.

Some have definitely applied better than others.  The skulls on the sides of the front wheel ended up a bit squint sadly, and the transfers on the marine’s shoulders didn’t seem to like curving with the shoulder.  I’ll get more practice at it though, and its nice to have a sheet of transfers to add logos to the shoulders of my marines.  My painting skills aren’t really up to hand painting them like a lot of people do 🙂

I’ve attached a gallery of the model at various stages.  Sadly I kept forgetting to take photos as I went along, but you can see, the model unboxed and on the sprues, assembled and base-coated, after its first coat of paint, and then finished.


4 thoughts on “Bike Unit

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  1. Looking good, I have to say. You must let me know when you get the black reach set and we can set up a game of 40K with some of your painted marines!


  2. Will do. The various delays to getting Black Reach have become incredibly frustrating. I must admit, I’m at the point whereby if I’d just paid the extra tenner on Black Reach, I’d have spent a lot less money on Warhammer stuff this month, a I keep buying new stuff to paint while waiting on it turning up.


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