Blackest Night GLC and Batman Previews

Green Lantern Corps #39Ahead of the return of Blackest Night next week comes the return of actual comics discussion on this blog ( 🙂 )with the previews for Green Lantern Corps #39 and Blackest Night: Batman #1 from IGN.

As usual, it looks like the GLC title is firing on all cylanders.  Peter Tomasi, in a similar way to Geoff Johns in GL #44, takes the opportunity to pick up an event from Blackest Night #1 and expand on it (in the case of GL, Hal and Barry at Bruce’s grave, whereas here its Kyle and Guy heading back to Oa).

Its the perfect moment to open the title with.  The fact that Guy and Kyle had run into the rings while on their way to Oa was a little rushed in Blackest Night #1, so this expands on it nicely, while providing a perfect opportunity for some nice character moments between Guy and Kyle.  Its nice to see Kyle’s relationship with Jade crop up in such a big way as it was a big part of the later end of Kyle’s run, and with Jade’s impending return as a Black Lantern.

Its also nice to see the Daxam hasn’t been shoved to the side as was feared by the events of last issue.  There’s big trouble brewing in having the Daxamites with those powers.

Blackest Night: Batman #1Also written by Peter Tomasi, Blackest Night: Batman follows on from events after GL #44 with Dick and Damien turning up at the cemetary to survey the damage to the Waynes’ graves.

However we also get Deadman included in this book, and it provides a potential tidbit on the Black Lanterns, as Boston  finds his own body being reanimated by a black ring.  Unable to possess and regain control over the body he heads off to seek help (presumably from Batman, but maybe its Bruce he’s looking for?).

With J’onn and Ralph both displaying their personalities as Black Lanterns, there had been the question of whether or not their souls were  bound to the bodies or if the Black Lanterns were merely acting like their previous selves.  This book would confirm the later.  Its not actually J’onn attacking Hal and Barry, its just his body reanimated and acting like J’onn.  A significant difference.

I wonder if this means we could get an appearance from Ralph and Sue: Ghost Detectives to see their reactions to their bodies killing the Hawks?

The combination of characters in this book is definitely fun.  Peter Tomasi wrote probably the best Nightwing stories in years, and while Dick and Boston may seem like an odd pairing, there’s a lot of shared history there, with Boston working in the same circus as the Graysons had years ago, and even styling his costume on theirs.  The shared circus background is almost certainly something Peter Tomasi’s going to play with.


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