Blackest Night: Superman

Blackest Night Superman #1The latest of the Blackest Night tie-ins launched this week, with issue 1 of Blackest Night: Superman.

I think this is so far probably my favourite of the tie-ins.    James Robinson evokes a horror film vibe brilliantly in the opening pages, as the newly Black Lanterned Kal-L rises and starts working his way through Smallville, wiping out whole groups of people and causing the Black Lantern power reading to slowly work its way up.

Eddy Barrows also turns in some great art.  Can’t remember seeing his stuff before, but I was pretty impressed by it here.

I was especially drawn to the scenes with Ma Kent, Conner and Clark all together.  Realistically this family dynamic to the Kents is a new development, but still I really like how the three characters interact.  It feels quite natural to have them together, especially with Jonathan’s recent death in the series.   I’ve always liked comics that build up a family feel.  Something I’ve always been a fan of in Wally’s Flash series for example.

There were a few surprises here as well, including Black Lantern Zor-El and the return of Earth-2 Lois as a Black Lantern.  Granted, I’ve not really been reading the New Krypton stuff, but it’ll be interesting to see the impact Blackest Night has on a planet of Kryptonians and how well they hold their own.

I’m still interested in seeing what happens to the Earth-2 characters at the end of this storyline.  I’d still like to see E-2 Superman properly restored at somepoint, however despite my misgivings about using him in this way I must admit that James Robinson and Eddy Barrows turned in a cracking book that overcame any worries I had.

So far, Blackest Night is off to an incredibly strong start with its own first two issues, GL, GLC and the Batman and Superman tie-ins.  I’m still unsure if I’ll pickup the Titans tie-in, and may well end up skipping it, but if the other tie-ins are anything to go by, it should be well worth a read for any Titans fans.


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