New Blackest Night Previews

Green Lantern #45The previews for this week’s Green Lantern #45 and Blackest Night: Titans #1 have hit the web at IGN as usual.

The Green Lantern preview in particular contains some very interesting stuff.  The reveal of Xanshi (following on from the cliffhanger in GL #44) is huge.   Is the whole world a Black Lantern equivalent to Mogo?  And if so, does this presumably mean Xanshi was a sentient world like Mogo, or is the resurrection more symbolic than that?  Hopefully we’ll find out on Thursday.

Meanwhile there’s some interesting tidbits on Zamaron, with Carol leading the defense of the worldGreen Lantern #45 variant cover against the Sinestro Corps, who’ve arrived to free their captured bretheren.  We learn that Carol is more resistant to the controling influence of the violet light than the other Star Sapphires due to her experience with them in the past, and there’s also the hint that the Zamarons will need her help with the Predator, which makes me wonder if they’re as in control of the violet light as they’d like others to believe.

There’s also the fact that the two skeletons that originally formed the Star Sapphire are human.   Who are they, and how did they end up on Zamaron?

All very intriguing stuff.  Can’t wait until Thursday to find out.

Blackest Night: Titans #1I must admit, Blackest Night: Titans was the only mini-series tie-in I’d really thought I’d skip from Blackest Night, but reading the preview has started to sway me.   I’ve never really followed Hawk and Dove as characters, but the way this series is picking up on the Don Hall moment from Blackest Night #2 has me intrigued.

I do like how this event is working so far, with some significant moments in the main series that are picked up on in the tie-ins and expanded on.  So far, its working very well, with those moments in the main series feeling very natural, as opposed to forced in order to support a tie-in.  Presumably these are events that will be picked up on later on (such as the Deadman stuff) however also lend themselves to further examination (e.g. Deadman going to Batman for help in the tie-in, while the spirit versus body resurrection element it introduced can be a plot point in the main series).

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