On Task Forces

City of HeroesI’ve been playing City of Heroes for years now, having originally played on the US servers prior to the UK edition’s release, however one aspect of the game I always avoided was the Task Forces.

While I appreciated that a lot of the players would be really into the longer story lines, the idea of having to commit myself to 4 hours of play to complete one always put me off. However, recently, having joined a new Supergroup (The Power Corps), I’ve started joining in their Sunday night runs at Task Forces.

Doing them from within the framework of a Supergroup helps make things easier, at least in terms of the recruitment stage, as Task Forces need a minimum team size to start, and from experience, when putting together a large team, patience is a virtue as it can take the best part of an hour on a bad night.  Not to mention you’re more confident of getting a good team, rather than risking getting a bad Tank or Defender in a pickup group.

What has been nice, is that the Task Forces so far haven’t taken much longer than an hour or two to run.   It helps that we don’t seem to be running them at the maximum difficulty, but they’re very rewarding to run.  Not just in terms of XP gain (although they are), but also just in terms of game experience.   Big groups can always be a lot of fun, with different archetypes performing their own functions in the team, and there’s nothing quite as rewarding as being on a good team.

But they’re also rewarding in terms of the zones.  Some zones in the game seem specifically targetting towards their Task Forces.   This weekend for example, I ran one of the Striga Isle task forces.   Striga Isle is one of the main bases of a villain group known as the Council.  Its a great zone with lots of character.  As you get towards the main Island you find yourself under attack from guard posts and automated turrets.  Groups of Council baddies can be seen exercising on the grounds, and in the middle there’s a classic supervillain cliche, in the form of a volcano.

So, what of the Task Force?  Well, it allows you a tour of the zone, but also involves you in a main storyline linked to the zone.  In this case, you uncover a plot to launch a giant robot against Paragon City, which as it turns out, is being built inside the hollowed-out volcano.  Classic 😀

I’m looking forward to running more such task forces with my Supergroup.  They provide a great chance to get involved in a more detailed storyline, get a feel for the varied zones in the game (the Imperious task force was another favourite.  Love the Roman theme), and encounter some of the Arch Villains that you hear about throughout the game’s mythology.   Granted, there are some which still have reputations for being quite long and difficult, but with an experienced Supergroup, the members should know which Task Forces will be most appropriate.

I’m aware I’m very late into these things. A lot of my CoH experience has been soloing sadly, but I’m very much enjoying this new aspect to the game, and its really opened up content and zones that previously I had little real use for beyond sight-seeing.


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  1. Never been on teh taskforces, mostly for teh reasons you stated. Might keep an ear out for one if wife and kid ever vacate the house for an afternoon without leaving me chores.

    Just got into doing the oroborous missions on my main alt, see they’re playing to fnas, first mission is against the fifth column and second is in outbreak, wonder if I’ll be bothered to try and earn my killing infected badge


  2. I’ve gotten the Infected badge via Oroborous missions. Its a little bit dull, but not too bad. Must admit, I did like the Oroborous missions.

    And as a top tip, the Oroborous teleporter makes for a great shortcut in getting around. Need to jump zones and the trains would take a while? Teleport to Oroborous and then back from there to the zone of your choice.

    Regarding Task Forces, two I’ve done that don’t take too long are the new (as of I15) 5th Column Reichsman task force and the Imperious Task Force. Both we managed to run through in under an hour and a half, although again that wasn’t at full difficulty, and we had a decent team that knew what they were doing.

    Got a nice companion piece to this article based on last night’s game session. Must get writing 😀


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